EDITORIAL: BEST LIAR Award goes to…an easy guess

Every politician deviates from the truth on occasion, twisting facts, altering data, exaggerating reality. Trump takes the art of deceit to incredible new levels. He’s the master of deceit, the king of con, the lord of lies, the epitome of exaggeration.

Knowledgeable political junkies, particularly of American politics, will be excruciatingly uncomfortable this week as the Republican National Convention is broadcast on television every night Aug. 24 – Aug. 28. 

Political junkies who have studied American politics will squirm in their lazy boys as RNC speaker follows other speakers. The outright lying, the blatant twisting of the truth, the over-the-top exaggerations will cause almost every one of these junkies to reach for the Pepto or the smelling salts. Milk of Magnesia will not calm indigestion caused by listening to these speeches. Polished, rehearsed, prepared lies spoken with straight faces and big smiles.

Opening night and already these speakers hit the impossible high C’s (chaos, confusion, concealing). Each more polished, slicker than the previous. Nikki Haley, one time US ambassador to the UN denies that racism exists in the US. George Floyd, Jacob Blake, enough said.

Donald Trump, Jr., an expectedly polished speech but this one was so filled with untruths and exaggerations, the man deserved Hollywood Oscar level awards. He thumped; he pounded; he brow beat; he battered and he hammered his points home so strongly many a TV set must have neared meltdown from the intensity of the heat.

For more detail about the first night’s lies and exaggerations,
click on Politifact

Tuesday, Aug. 25, Melanie Trump may be the highlight of the night. Many experienced journalists criticized Melania’s last notable speech as a plagiarization of Michelle Obama. 

The Republican National Convention: either must-see TV or avoid-in-every-way viewing.


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