RUN, Stuart Woods

Light, quick reading, but entertaining. You can’t lose reading a Stuart Woods book.

A respected senator from Georgia, Will Lee has aspirations of more.But a cruel stroke of fate thrusts him onto the national stage well before he expects, and long before he’s ready, for a national campaign.

The road to the White House, however, will be more treacherous — and deadly — than Will and his intelligent, strikingly beautiful wife, Kate, an associate director in the Central Intelligence Agency, can imagine.A courageous and principled man, Will soon learns he has more than one opponent who wants him out of the race. Thrust into the spotlight as never before, he’s become the target of clandestine enemies from the past who will use all their money and influence to stop him — dead. Now Will isn’t just running for president — he’s running for his life.

Richard comments
‘The Run’ should be used by every writing instructor, a text book.

Stuart Woods comments in various sections of the book should be instructional material in every writing class: writing each chapter as if it is a book onto itself, closing each chapter with a hook to hold reads, closing chapters with leads to the next, realistic dialogue, smooth sentence flow, well connected paragraphing.

This book has no real depth, no intricate or complex plot. What it has is a smooth and engaging story line, American politician, popular, charismatic, attractive, makes run for presidency. A villain plots the assassination of the said politician. Almost a clichéd story of any modern American politician. There’s nothing really new in this plot but it is professionally written, smooth and polished. Readers will enjoy whizzing through the book without worrying about confusing collections of characters, puzzling plot twists or the like. The Run is just a straightforward and enjoyable read. Light, quick and entertaining.


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