EDITORIAL: The world is bleak, no argument.

Umair Haque, a journalist for Medium digest, writes an apocalyptic summary of our current world. It is an absolute must-read, a wake-up call to Westerners. Our society is populated by too many people who are selfish, self-centred, self-concerned, maybe too much in so regard. We demand too much, from toys to material goods to self-autonomy at other the expense of other people in the world. Haque suggests we may now be being held accountable for this presumptuous way of living. We are paying for it now and the limited and diminished world of the future may be here today now.

Many people may view Haque is as a doomsayer, simply preaching a message of doom and gloom.

See if you agree. Read Haque’s column:  HAQUE

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