Tip #9 – Make direct connections with publishers

Make strong, direct connections with publishers. More than one so you have informed comparisons. Then, ask hard questions: what services do they provide? what assistance do they give? Do they provide personal assistants, assistance? How do they stay in touch? Do they have access to the American market? How? Amazon? Costco? Chapters/Indigo? 

There are many areas you should query for detailed information. Maybe, above all, listen to the tone: do they sound like they want to help rather than sell? It is understandable that they want payment for services, but a company that seems to concentrate on selling more than helping is likely one to be avoided.

I liked the tone of this publisher but as importantly, I liked how they presented their services in a very concise and comprehensive chart: FriesenPress Compare Paths

Publishers are ‘for profit’ companies, so it is understandable that they will be personable and approachable in dealing with writers. Recently, we were contacted by Scott Donovan of Friesenpress after downloading a free publication they published about publishing books.

Donovan gently touted the company’s services and repeatedly asked what he might do for us at BOOKz, COOKz, NOOKz. We responded by touting WAG and its group of published writers. Without naming anyone specifically, we pointed out that a couple of WAG members were on the verge of publishing books and were likely to be hunting for publishers in the very new future.

Donovan provided us with more information and the latest news from Friesenpress. He provided a number of interesting and informative links to the company services which we link below:

  1. The company blog at Friesenpress Blog ;
  2. This is the piece de resistance to Friesenpress services:
    FriesenPress Compare Paths
  3. A link to their Editing services; and
  4. A link to their Marketing and Promotion service.

It may be of benefit to writers, particularly those who are completing a book and in the market for a publisher to get in touch with Friesenpress and Scott Donovan:

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