#6A – The ultimate way for living life…and to remember the day!

Last year, 2017, MEMORY strengthening strategies were published and they will be supplemented this year as they were beneficial in strengthening and improving memory.

However, after some serious consideration, research and consultation with behavioural experts, we have discovered that a LIFE improvement strategy might deserve higher ranking than memory strategies. We found the best life improvement strategy.

Yes, you read right. LIFE CAN BE IMPROVED. You can live better by living by the GOLD – LEAD standards.


“What kind of day is it?”

Ever noticed some days are better than others? Some days you can do no wrong, other days you can do nothing right.

Let’s label the days a GOLD and LEAD

is the kind of day where anything you do, works, comes out right, succeeds.

days, nothing is clicking, everything you touch fails, or it’s a struggle, or it doesn’t work. It’s the kind of day where you feel you should not have gotten out of bed.

OK…learn how to take advantage of each of these days of your lives.

GOLD days
If you see your day as a GOLD day, strike while the iron is hot:

  1. Write out a short list of your long-term goals, just 4 or 5 things, no more. Set it aside.
  2. Write out a short list of what you want to do TODAY. Again, a few things, 3-4, no more.
  3. Now begin your day.

As this is a GOLD day, you will find you are actually succeeding a lot. What you do gets done more easily, more successfully. Feel good, act on it, do more and more and check things off on your list. But stick to your list without adding to it. Why push your luck? Finish your list and feel great as you have achieved all you wanted today.

GOLD days are to be enjoyed, recognized as days of success and achievement. Enjoy each as if it were, er, GOLD!

LEAD days
After trying to do something and it is not going well, recognize you are having a bad day, a LEAD day. Avoid adding stress to the day by lamenting about the failure, how it isn’t working for you. This is not going to be a good day for doing things, getting things done successfully. So set the day aside. Read a book, sit on the balcony, watch some TV, go for a walk…do something which relaxes you and puts your mind and soul at rest.

LEAD days are to be lived quietly, restfully and in a relaxed way. They are days where nothing is going to go right for you, so you are better offer not doing anything. Only do what has to be done, the bare minimum but don’t attack any of your TO-DO lists. Just relax for the day as this day too shall pass.

Live your life using the GOLD-LEAD standard and watch life take on a whole new perspective. LEAD days are days of recovery and relaxation. No stress, no anxiety. GOLD days for action, achievement and accomplishment. So if your day is a GOLD one, go for it and attack your TO-DO lists with energy and gusto.

No matter how your life is now, it will never be the same if you live by the GOLD-LEAD standard!

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