EDITORIAL: USA headed for economic disaster

Americans are great people. However, they wear blinkers. They see themselves as the greatest nation in the world, the nation with the greatest innovators, greatest thinkers and the most creative people in the world. They were, at one time.

Today the United States is on the road to economic collapse. It is too easy to criticize their presidential leader, too easy to criticize their being on the road to perdition when they are suffering the COVID-19 crises worse than any other country in the world.

Medium publishing writer, Umair Haque, writes a very critical piece which explains how Americans are on the road to economic and possibly social oblivion.

A summary of Haque’s article
The US has nit nearly 15% unemployment, yet they clamour for opening up of the economy throughout the nation. A state of war might make the situation worse but the Americans do not view it that way.

The federal government has erred in numerous ways in dealing with the COVID crisis, the worst of which is dragging their feet in response. Now they await the tsunami’s economic shock waves to deluge their middle class.

The federal government responses have been woefully inadequate, if not confusing and confused. Worse, Americans are losing all hope, if it isn’t already lost, that they will recover economically. Businesses are closing, entrepreneurs are going bankrupt throughout the nation, yet the federal government offers bandaids when more than triage solutions are needed.

Americans should, must, need to reconsider social democracy rather than rejecting it as being communist. We are our brothers keeper, but corporations and businesses goal of profit trumps all facets of altruism and support of fellows.

Freedom, all freedom, individual freedom, total freedom, these are the altar of adoration to which all Americans pray. But this false god makes them reject the god that could help them, social democracy. Social democracy is not communism. It is the government stepping in when the need demands it, launching solutions that are forced on all citizens for their own good. Of course, this central government benevolence will cost everyone but everyone will benefit from it.

Prior to the COVID epidemic Americans depended on employers for benefits such as pensions, health care and educational support. This dependence was one to which every American adhered with immovable dedication. After all it was their God given right, their constitutionally guarantee to be free in adhering to whatever each believed in.

Today, with unemployment on its relentless increase, bankruptcies and business closures skyrocketing. the old dependence no longer has credibility or validity. Yet American avoid social democracy like a worse plague.

The middle class erodes into the lower class with more and more of its members sinking economically to the class below. Should the central government recognize its responsibility to assist its citizens, it cannot replenish its depleted coffers with needed tax increases because the growing unemployed have no money to pay taxes.

Haque captures the dark picture
Umair Haque paints the bleak picture of the impending disaster of the American economy clearly but very painfully. American society is faced with the social-economic Darwinism caused by COVID-19.


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