EDITORIAL: What will it take for SENIORS to respond

We are flabbergasted at what is happening in Ontario and yet we hear nothing from seniors, no demonstrations, no public outcry, no petitions. Perhaps we are using too wide a brush in painting seniors in such a sweeping generalization but where are they? Where are they speaking out? We want to hear from them if they are as angry, anxious and upset as we are with the Trumpette at Queen’s Park and all his sycophants.

Public servants at every level of government, across all of the country, have been exposed as believing they are entitled and so can travel south for holidays as the rest of stay home, “stay a la maison,” as Trumpette states. 

Then, Trumpette delays, procrastinates, equivocate, drags his feet, weighing the political impact his actions may have before doing anything which may save lives, benefit more Ontarians. Ambiguous declarations, equivocal statements, contradictory information, inconsistent information, this is Queen’s Parkspeak under the Trumpette rain(!…we use that word rather than reign intentionally). Elliot says one thing today, another tomorrow; Lecce ( Education ) states one declaration before, another the next day and then another today. You don’t even hear from Fullerton on a regular basis where you should.

More than 3000 COVID deaths in LTC facilities to date ( See ONTARIO) and the Minister for Long Term Care is still in office. This is how Trumpette responds to the catastrophic number of deaths in our long-term-care homes to date, no specific action, no public review of that ministry, no hard evaluation of the ministry. Seniors are dying at a terrible pace and the provincial government lags, foot drags, procrastinates and delays in action.

“Stay at home” is not an acceptable policy when there are so many exceptions to it. Initiate some kind of serious, broader policy and apply it universally as Premier Legault has in Quebec. Then enforce the policy. Stop with the equivocation: we cannot do this, we have no authority to do this, we have no right to do this. Meanwhile, we, the citizens of Ontario, particularly the ones in long term care facilities, we have a right, a right to die even though we have entered care homes intended to give us proper care in our last years. Those are “last years,” not last months or last days. Impose a curfew, call out the armed forces, ask for help from the federal government. These are serious matters

As long as seniors sit on their hands, failing to demonstrate or voice their anger, Trumpette will continue his lackadaisical way of governing the province. He will continue to sit on his a**, err, chair and allow his ministers to administer their departments weakly, feebly and ineffectively.

What will it take to move you SENIORS…the LTC-COVID numbers has reached over 3000. Do you care? We believe you do. Prove it.


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