WIN 10 students….

Two seniors just completed the 6 lesson WIN 10 course…

I am very excited about how well two seniors did when they participated in my 6 lesson WIN 10 course.

Eleanor and Bruce are both seniors, in their mid 70’s. Often many of us think older people cannot learn as well or as easily as young people. The greatest error made in that kind of thinking is not that they CANNOT learn. It is that they do not learn at the same speed as young people. 

Break things down into smaller learning bits and these folks are as capable of learning as anyone else. They may not learn it as quickly, but using patience, you will see they can and do learn.

E. and B. proved it, that older people can learn. They have added that the instructor needs to have “more interaction with seniors and really needs to survey what skill and knowledge they have already.”  In the case of Eleanor and Bruce, very few things had to be explained more than once or twice. Patience is the key as lack of it can make the learning more stressful. When patience was used, both of these students were as capable as any other learner. They not only understood difficult concepts, but they could do the tasks that they were taught and do them easily and soon after learning the tasks.

An important key to learning
A very important factor in learning is ego or image. Every learner has a self conceptualized image which is what they are capable of. Each learner wants to be seen as being capable. This is crucial because learners who are not comfortable with how they are perceived are reluctant to ask questions. Interestingly, this reluctance to ask for clarification is more male-related than female. Eleanor asked for greater clarification or more explanation, whereas, Bruce tended to let things go on without asking more.

Park the ego at the door
It is very important to park the ego at the door when learning something new. Each of us learns at different speeds, and each of us finds some things easier to learn than others. Not asking questions means learning is not developed or furthered. So, ask and you shall receive…you will learn more when you ask. However, a learner must push themselves a little intellectually rather than jump to question after question.

Eleanor and Bruce were dynamite students. Enthusiastic, willing and very capable. They learned quickly and were able to do things quite easily soon after learning the material. It was a real pleasure teaching these two older people. 

I wish them well in all their future endeavours with WIN 10.

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