Feb 20 – Rotzy’s asking, “Ever hear of the signaling stalk on the steering wheel?”

There a many winning tidbits in Rotzy’s column this week. Read the line about FACEBOOK; read the Joe Biden-Justin Trudeau phone conversation about the UFO’s over the Yukon. Great stuff!

When Little Rotzy….
….called 59 Peel St ‘home’, Charley Sills lived next door at #61….everybody called him Grandpa Sills. He was really olde and was the conductor to drive Brant’s Ford’s first electric trolley!….and the horse drawn model before that. Anyway ‘Grandpa’ Sills drove a 1932 Plymouth 4-dr. It had ONE rear light, above the license plate….no ‘brake light’ or signal lights front or rear. All signals were by hand/arm out the driver’s window. This is/was in the late forties/early fifties, OK? At that same time, British made the little Austins and Prefects that had a little lighted ‘arm’ that popped out on the side to indicate a turn ‘when activated’ by the driver, then returned ‘flat’. OK? My Dad’s first car was a 1950 Chev he got about 1955…a 4-dr ‘torpedo back ‘ style….Cool!….it DID have turn signals, an ‘aftermarket unit’ a previous owner had installed on the steering column….they weren’t installed at GM. OK? Next, we had a 1953 Mercury 4-dr sedan with a flathead V-8, which Ford included factory-installed signals and brake lights! Finally. OK? So….SO….it’s not too mathematically difficult for yours truly to realize that turn signals have been around/available for about 68 of Rotzy’s 78 years. Like, THREE “F/N” generations!! The little ‘stick’ on the left side of the steering column, that has ‘somewhat evolved’ into a multi-purpose ‘stick’….including the ‘light controls’. WHY do drivers not know about the ‘stick’? Why do drivers not use the ‘stick’ when they’re going to turn? Are they afraid they will ‘activate’ the lights on the ‘stick’ and something will short/blow up? Know what? They’re lazy. They’re stupid. And they don’t give a s–t! Yup….it’s one of Rotzy’s pet peeves, but I ‘cope with it’ (quite well in fact) from a ‘quote’ (kinda similar to ‘far coughs’) that I picked up from my nephew….hell, I don’t even have to ‘shout it’ anymore….most of the tyme it works for me just like Valium*tm. *Use your signals!!! Thanks in advance.

Readers Write
LOTS of mail last week in the “F/N” Inbox….here’s what some of y’all had to say: *A pessimist sees only a dark tunnel. An optimist sees a light at the end of the tunnel. A realist sees a train at the end of the tunnel. The train driver sees three idiots standing on the tracks! *Starbucks*tm is going to start selling beer and wine. Apparently, it’s difficult selling ‘sober’ people a $12 cup of coffee! *I’m watching a 3-yr old pulling up apps on a cell phone. Me? I just figured out how to turn mine off without taking the battery out. *Funny thing about getting older: your eyesight starts getting weaker but your ability to see through people’s bulls–t gets much better. * I don’t know if Facebook*tm has ever caused the lame to walk but it sure has caused the dumb to speak.

The ‘Big Decision’….
….that got the lead story on newscasts yesterday and today….’did the fed gov’t act properly in calling ‘a state of emergency’ during the Ottawa Truckers Riot (2 years ago)’? The ruling was ”YES It Did”! Act properly. Of course it did!! As to Trudeau ‘making the decision’? Hey….there is precious little Junior does that Rotzy agrees with anytyme….but this tyme he did the right thing. Truth be known, he did the ONLY thing he could….there was really no decision to be made, like Plan A, B, or C. So ‘pull a Nike’ and ‘just do it’. It claimed previously in this space the entire mess coulda/shoulda been completely avoided and yours truly’s gonna stick by that; a sad-sack Ottawa Police Dept ‘led’ by a Chief who is a coward….’no balls’….and couldn’t/didn’t ‘lead’ anybody! OK? Case closed! Thank you.

In The Wake Of….
….Canada defending its’ air space last week, and P/M Trudeau being ‘credited’ with such a ‘bold’ (dare I say ‘un-Canadian’?) style that Canada hasn’t seen the likes of since WW II, the following is probably closer to how the actual conversation between J/T and Joe Biden went: J/B “Hello?…Hello?…Hello?… C’mon…answer your &*%$#@ phone”!! J/T “Is that YOU, Uncle Joe”? J/B Who else would be calling you on the RED phone?….you ARE on your RED phone, aren’t you? J/T “Of course, Uncle Joe”? (to himself: “Maudit Tabernac….idiot”! J/B “You aware there is something over you in the Yukon?…that shouldn’t be there? The Yukon is YOURS, remember? We’ve got Alaska. J/T “I knew that! OK Uncle Joe, so what should we do?” J/B ”YOU should take it down Mr. Prime Minister”! J/T “Moi?! J/B “YOU…aka CANADA” J/T “But how?…those WW II anti-aircraft guns”? J/B “Take it down with a plane….a fighter jet”! J/T “Look Uncle Joe….and don’t laugh….but we don’t have a fighter jet”! And our 7 Snow Birds jets are performing in The Atlanta Air Show”! J/B “WTF”??!! J/T ”

Maudit”! You gotta help me Uncle Joe…I/we don’t know how to do this kinda stuff. S’il vous plait! J/B ”Look kid, Uncle Sam….THAT’S ME….will bail you out. Again/still. We’ll take ‘the object’ down….following YOUR order!….with OUR plane….and OUR pilot. You stay put in Ottawa….we’ll do the press….YOU get all the accolades. OK? You can owe me one, Mr. P/M”! (J/B….”off the record….you REALLY DON’T own a fighter jet??!! S–t!”) Canada’s military in action.

*Thought Of The Day….My Saturday was going really well, until I realized it was Sunday.

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