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Richard Szpin: senior, website developer, blogger, and writer too!


As a senior, I thought I should dedicate my site to older adults. I’ve discovered, some older adults are really donning the role, acting old when they are still capable of doing much more. Pushing up the grass ain’t for me yet. I may ache, pain, whine and complain but I will do it from the green side of the lawn for as long as I can. 

Topside and underside gardening
I am a life-long learner, learning every day. I believe too many older adults are tilling the soil from the wrong side too soon. I ain’t ready to garden from the underside yet. So I cheer the many who refuse garden from the underside. Bravo folks…”I’mwitchya.” A  strange fact, studies have shown that more women garden on the top than men. Bravo ladies! I’mwitchya, for sure.  

Learn, learn, learn…many benefits
Learning enriches life; it improves living; it enriches day-to-day living by life improving it in countless ways. These days the Internet, technology and artificial intelligence open the portals to more learning. Use them to enrich your life. Use whatever ways you can to learn more and improve your life.

Explore more
Old, young, middle-aged, who cares…just explore more. Try new things, try things that interest you but which you never thought to try before. Even try things that don’t interest you…just to see what happens. Be curious! Be inquisitive! Go for it!

You’ll garden the underside later
You’re alive…recognize it from all the aches and pains, things you can’t do anymore. But also recognize that you can still do a lot, maybe not as much as last year or the year before. Who cares….you’re still going. Maybe not as strong…but you’re goin’. 

My site is dedicated to helping those of you who ain’t ready to do the “push ’em up” gardening yet.  Bravo….keep going, keep doing it, keep at it. It may be a struggle, increasingly challenging, too often too quickly, but better to be challenged than to push up “dem plants!”

Push yourself
You’re not ready to push ‘dem plants’ gardening yet….so explore my site. I promise you’ll discover some interesting things and be inspired to trying out some new things. So use it to inspire you and motivate you to do more. Get up and do it!

Ageing is a challenge but it is one not given to everyone. You were given this wonderful opportunity to age. Make the most of it.

Welcome to my website.