Doggie BITS: So you think Ford is being mistreated or misunderstood

Site visitors may think we have something personal against Doggie Ford. Not true. Our gut feeling just makes us feel this politician is our own version of an American ex-president. Both men are bullies, corporate bureaucratic bulldozers, political ruffians and rogues. Ford may be worse as his is in power. He avoids making outright policy statements if he can, but he is not averse to reversing his promises at the drop of a hat. He tolerates no disagreement and if need be, he will mute anyone in the party that might have the slightest divergent view with the “king.”

Here’s his latest (7-21-23) erosion of the power of local governments:

Democracy is completely thrown out the window’: How Doug Ford’s push for more housing is fuelling fears for the future of local government: Read the full article at —>  No democracy

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