10 signs you’re Getting Old

We all age, some better than others and as we get old, we begin to think about ageing a lot more than we ever did in our younger days.

Here are 10 signs you’re getting old….

10. Sleeping 6 hours without a bathroom break is a thing of the past.

9. Elasticized is your waistband of choice.

8. TV news is better than Sominex at putting you to sleep.

7. Walmart greeters look like they are much older than you.

6. You ache more when you wake up than after working out at the gym.

5. What working out at the gym!

4. Older people are looking more and more attractive to you.

3. People just don’t speak as clearly as they used years before.

2. You prefer desserts to main courses.

And the #1 sign you are getting old… 

1. You see lists like these as irrelevant, not applicable to you and a waste of your time.

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