#1A – Strategies to cope with a slipping memory

Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear ye!

Announcing a new category on the website: MEMORY”

I notice more and more my memory is not what it was. It frightens me and I don’t like that my memory is slipping away on me. I do not fear any medical issues as my annual checkups are clean bills of health, so far. I attribute the increasingly scatterbrained memory to normal ageing, to too many things on the plate, and to information overload but I still don’t like it.

I have started doing something about it.

At a recent event on Ageing held in Pickering, two geriatric specialists, Dr. Nicole Anderson and Dr. Carol Greenwood, from Toronto’s Baycrest Geriatric Center, spoke about memory and ageing. They explained aspects of normal memory loss due to ageing. Additionally, they described the importance of proper nutrition and regular exercise as ways to slow the inevitable decline of memory with age.

In that light, a new category of posts has been created. Check out the researched and tested strategies at MEMORY. More will be added as more research is completed. Try a few of the strategies to see how they work for you. However, do not implement too many at one time as you may not remember any aspects of any of them due to memory overload.

If you have experienced memory issues and found some ways to cope, let us know so others can benefit from what is working for you. Write us at richardszpin@gmail.com


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