From NAKINA...: July 1

 July is celebration time and Rotzy’s going to raise the Maple Leaf at his place as he directs, organizes and launches the local celebrations in Canada’s ‘near north!’ Bravo Rotzy !

We Just Got Word….
….that Canada Day ‘decorating kits’ are available at the Nakina Ward Office…free/gratis….for bikes, wagons, strollers, 4×4’s and cetera for Sunday’s July One Parade! So pick yours up today! Entry confirmations keep coming into “F/N”HQ….should be a goodly number of ‘side by side’ units. If I’ve somehow missed you, just show up at The Northern lot Sun. by 10:45AM…..rain or shine….and we’ll find y’all a spot. See you there!!!

Readers Write
And a number of them this week were questioning/commenting on Hydro None’s Planned Power Outage (PPP) for Sun June 24th….most of them simply asking ”why”? Hence this is/was being written last Saturday….a day earlier than normal. Sorry folks, but Rotzy has no answer, tho I’ve been questioning/commenting on PPP’s myself for 15 years or so. One thing I AM fairly sure on….I do NOT recall one lasting TEN hours, and that’ll be the case this tyme, lights/fridges off from 8:00AM to 6:00PM!! Lovely. Or something like that. I’d LOVE to see Hydro try to pull that s–t in any large city in Southern Ont. Just once. As I remarked (to myself) ”Ain’t gonna happen, Toad….no way”! (*see below)

About Me
1/ As I get older, I realize I’m talking to myself more often (*see above) these days, because there are tymes I need expert advice. 2/ It was last Thurs, about 3:00 in the afternoon when Miz. Jo, kinda out of the blue, asked me “How many beers have you had today”? Kinda catching me ‘off guard’. Firstly, I can’t remember when was the last tyme she asked me that? Secondly, I don’t ‘count’ my Buds; thirdly, I wasn’t drinking excessively; fourthly, I wasn’t slurring my language; and fifthly, I wasn’t stumbling around and/or falling down. I ‘processed’ all of those favourable-to-me points in roughy three seconds, then replied “Well, in ‘dog beers’….I’ve only had one”! Bingo!!!

We Reported Last Week….
….that CNR had completed their repairs to the crossing out on Hwy #584, then KEM Contracting arrived to put the finishing touches….asphalt paving….on the River Road Bridge over Balkam Creek.They were here and gone in three days, so yours truly ‘tested it’ Friday around Noon in Norm The Truck….thumbs up/smooth as silk! Jeez….some things are actually getting done in and around Nakina. But….

Something’s Going On….(*see below)
….a little further south of here that has Rotzy and others scratching our heads….not complaining, but more or less trying to figure ”what’s up’??….not to mention ”why now, at this point and tyme”? I refer to Murkey Creek Bridge, 15 minutes down Hwy #584, and the re-paving of Hwy #643. With VERY little, if any, ‘polictical fanfare’, signs started going up on both approaches to Murkey Creek, and inside of a week it was obvious that this job wasn’t/isn’t gonna be a ‘patch-up repair-type thing’….they’re basically building a NEW bridge!! A two-way stop light in place, men and equipment everywere….a BIG job! Then, within a week or so, the engineering firm responsible for Highway #643 has half a dozen vehicles parked outside their rented offices at The Station in Nakina. And Villeneuve Construction suddenly has vehicles, men and equipment all over the area! With no more fanfare than the Murkey job. I chatted with one engineer and #643 isn’t getting the ‘chip and seal’ treatment like it did several years ago, it’s being PAVED….and brought up to basically the same standard as Highway #584. Like it says (*see above), ”something’s going on”! Nobody I know was aware of any problem with Murkey Creek Bridge, and it seems #643 was just done about five years ago….maybe six. So….SO….maybe there was some Liberal Gov’t money that had been set aside….before June 7th…. and needed to be spent? Nah. OR….dare I say this, then be forced to eat crow/wipe the egg off my face in a week or three?….just maybe it’s Ring Of Fire related???!!! Well, sorry….no, I’m NOT sorry….but I know not of anything else that it could be. But two construction jobs of THIS size, and being in the same area getting underway at the same tyme is more than ‘just coincidence’, you think? I’ve had one or two people poo-poo my line of thinking as well as a couple agreeing with me. Perhaps somebody can set me straight?! No handsprings/cartwheels this tyme….been there/done that. A few tymes. Here goes….stay tuned.

Gardening Update
I pulled on my gardener’s gloves on a hot Thurs aft, and with surprisingly few black flies/mosquitoes ‘bugging’ me, filled my wheelbarrow with grass and weeds I yanked from Miz. Jo’s ‘Lily Garden’, home of the Mary Rutherford Lily, other varieties of lilies, hollyhocks, irises, peonies, columbine, and cetera….all of which seemed happy to be getting more sunlight! Farmer Rotzy was on a bit of a roll, so I gave our three veggie plots their first ‘scuff-up’ (since planting) with the hand cultivator. Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow!

*Thought Of The Day…Sometymes the first step toward forgiveness is realizing the other person was born an idiot.

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