Nov 11 – puzzles, pizza and pizzazz

Math puzzles, pizza and pizzazz with good ole Norm.

Readers Write
And at least two of them have zoomed in on this phenomenal bit of information they picked up from who knows where. The thing yours truly finds so utterly amazing is that in my 74 1/2 years, I had never heard of this very simple, yet incredible exercise. Then again, the fact that it only takes place every 1000 years makes it quite understandable that I hadn’t heard of it. By the bye, this involves/applies to EVERY living person on Earth! OK? Here goes. Add your age to your year of birth….guaranteed the answer will be 2019! Still a ‘doubting Thomas’? Try your spouse. Try your kids….your parents. Have some funn with it, because it won’t happen again until 3019!!! Thanks to the readership for this item!!

L.O.T.W. Contest
The number of your favourite lines/lyrics from songs arriving here at “F/N” HQ has tapered off so we’ll give you ONE more week to send in any more you’ve come up with, by emailing it/them to Here’s a couple samples that landed here last week: ”She was only a vacuum cleaner salesman’s daughter, but she swept them off their feet”. (author/singer unknown) “It creeps and sneaks, and glides and slides across the floor, right through the door and all along the wall, a splotch a blotch, be careful of The Blob…(chorus…beware of The Blob). (circa 1960 from the horror movie The Blob….sung/played by The Five Blobs. So….SO….you got any olde 45 or 78rpm tunes that can top this baby? Let’s hear from you this week….as the Honolulu Trip For Two (all-inclusive) is up for grabs for first place!! Bee-Bop-A-Lu-La!! Doo-Wah-Ditty-Ditty-Dum-Ditty-Doo!! and Shang-A-Lang-A-Lang!!

Friday Nite….
….is still Order In/Take Out night here at Unit #303-555 Harris Place and pizza is clearly a popular choice for Miz. Jo and Rotzy, however, after trying perhaps a dozen different spots we’re waiting for ONE pizza joint to declare itself as #1….one that we can/will stick with….be it one of the ‘chains’ or a local/family-owned place. Also, it would be nice, since Rotzy always goes and  picks it up, if it were fairly close. Anyway, I got to talking about pizzas with a friend/fellow resident last week and he told me of his and his wife’s fave, ‘A Super Deal Pizza’….less than five minutes from here….and I went there yesterday (Friday). Well, to quote Guy Fieri, “winner, winner, turkey dinner”. Only, make it ”pizza dinner”!! Best one yet, and methinks quite reasonably priced at $10 bucks for a Med. with three toppings….so we’ll stay with them. And, thanks for the tip John!

Norm The (Nissan) Truck….
….has been at his doctor’s since Thursday….a ‘couple’ things needed tending to. The driver’s side power window won’t go up all the way, and it’s getting a tad cool these days with it open an inch or so. Of course it wasn’t just ‘a loose wire’….the motor that drives it up and down was shot, so they installed a new one….about $110. Second on the list was/is….”Norm won’t go into 4WD”. *and also ‘get rid of a couple/few of those ‘idiot lights’ on the dash board’. The part required would fix both these problems….and it DID when the mechanic was driving Norm outta the garage to test it/them. Into 4WD and no lights!! However, he had barely cleared the door, when Norm ‘dropped’ back into 2WD and the ‘Slip’ and ‘ABS’ lites came back on. Damn. So there sits poor Norm as they try to solve the problem. Ken The Desk Guy already told me the part was/is gonna be expensive. I expect Rotzy will be picking Norm up Monday (AM?) after they get another part installed and I also expect it’s gonna cost me/us an arm and a leg. Maybe….just MAYBE….the mechanic will find a solution today?! A cheap and easy one. Stay tuned….I’m off on my Sat. buckboard run. More to come….**UPDATE** Sun 9:30AM….Well…..Ken The Desk Guy foned Saturday after lunch and it sounds like they have the problem narrowed down, he’s ordered a somethingorother (which he confided ‘Isn’t cheap’) from Nissan, which they’ll have Monday but Norm won’t be done until Tuesday. I coulda brought him home on a weekend leave pass, but what’s the point? Anyway, on the heels of about $800 in brakes a few weeks, here we go again, ‘playing with plastic’….and this baby’s gonna cost an arm and a leg….perhaps a couple fingers and/or toes. S–t!! Stay tuned.

We Arrived Here in Brant’s Ford….
….at Harris Place Oct 1st 2018, and in that 13-month span I/we have attended five Celebrations Of Life!….or is it six?! There have been no weddings, no showers, no baptisms, no dances, no bar mitzvahs, and cetera….and Rotzy’s come to the realization of what life is like when one gets to (and beyond) The Golden Years. And when there is a ‘get together’ of sorts, like the Costume Party here at Harris Place on the Saturday before Halloween, it’s from 7:00PM to 9:00PM!….as if oldsters ‘turn into a pumpkin’ at 9:01!!! Apparently they had a decent turnout….without Jo Ann and Rotzy….but that pumpkin threat scared the s–t outta me. As to the Celebrations Of Life, one was for a dear family member, and tho it had been anticipated in advance, there were some ‘tough moments’ for some of us, the same can be said for the other 4 or 5 I/we have attended, all of them for ‘football-type guys’, especially when talking with the family. Last Saturday’s was in honour of a friend from LONG ago, a guy who played, then refereed football for basically all his adult life. A full house at the Dunsdon Legion, a few speeches and kind words, then food from Strodes!! And you just had to know that the ‘honouree’ was just lovin’ it!

*Thought Of The Day…Optimism is going after Moby Dick in a rowboat and taking the tartar sauce with you.

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