Hey buds, how about some grilled spuds !

The humble potato, assaulted by so many as being the bane of “waist watchers,” isn’t the villain so many claim. Starchy yes, but full of many nutrients, vitamins and more…but only if….

Only if you retain the skins. Yup, just wash well and bake them as is. If you want to add a bit of flavour, drizzle on the olive oil and generously sprinkle with granulated garlic.

Then you’re ready to try this recipe:

My dad always use to tease Irishmen in the hotel where he was the executive chef, “Polish and Irish, brothers because both love potatoes.” He wasn’t far off the mark on one sense; I love potatoes. Made in any way at all, even simply boiled with a bit of butter. Delicious! 

Want to kick it up a notch? Pan melt the butter until it almost reaches its burning point.

And who doesn’t love mashed potatoes…to which, so many variations: with cheese, or with chopped roasted garlic, or with chopped roasted Vidalia onions, or for a real kick up, with chopped blue cheese. Oh, I am dying already !


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