08 – Aging with an Attitude

Be pragmatic, be realistic…aging is the pits. It’s a constant battle, you against the debilitation and deterioration as your body crumbles away its molecular structure with aging. It’s a constant battle, you against age. You can slow the battle with good nutrition, good living, moderation everywhere, exercise and common sense well-being processes, but it is a losing battle. Should you whine about it? Lament it?  If you want. Won’t matter. The process will continue. But you can make the battle one where you fight with dignity, with motivation, with determination that will gain your tiny victories. You can slow the process and think positively while in the struggle. Your mental attitude may be more important than the physical one. Think positively, think optimistically, think well, and you will slow the defeats. Hang around younger people, even if they are just younger in attitude, and you will grip your sword more firmly. Be aware of how you live, daily, emotionally, physically, and nutritionally and again the sword will be held with a stronger grip. It’s a battle, but it’s one where you can go down fighting, or you can go down crying. You choose. The white flag isn’t in my scabbard yet.

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