They aren’t the Golden Years. They are the years of discovery, the AGE OF DISCOVERY.

Each morning when you wake up, you discover another part of you has gone, gone stiff, or is still asleep while you’re not. It may be your fingertips, a hand or a foot. Even another appendage that you never had before. Little things appear on your body that you never saw before.

During the day, more discoveries. Walking down stairs, owww, that knee didn’t hurt like that before. That leg didn’t nearly buckle like that before. Gee, that hip pain is new.

You go to open a jar. Damn that hand seems weaker than usual. Better use the lid opener the wife keeps touting.

Snowing outside? Damn. Oh well, jacket on…shovel in hand. Open the garage door. Start shovelling. Owww, my back. I didn’t have that pain there before.

Yup, the Golden Years are the Age of Discovery where you will discover new inabilities, new pains, new “can’t-do-easily-any-mores” every day. Oh….such excitement.

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