Feb 6 – He’s not cantankerous. He’s dead on right !

Rotzy is beyond his best…scathing, heated, scalding, hot and blasting away.

There Was No Shortage….
….of interest amongst “F/N” readers….or anybody else for that matter….in the annual Ground Hog Day predictions last week and the Inbox here at “F/N”HQ had plenty of items of related interest….not to mention news stories on Radio and TV. Of course, we’re all aware that Wiarton Willie was the ONLY famous rodent to tell us what we wanted to hear….”an early spring”….thanks to a sunny morn in the Maritimes and rural Pennsylvania. Now, all of Ontario knew that 2023 was the ‘new’ Willie making his debut as the former Willie was ‘promoted to glory last’ year, but what yours truly did NOT know is that ‘the new guy’ is an American! It seems that white (albino?) groundhogs are hard to come by and the Wiarton Willie search committee had to go to Cleveland for a replacement! However, Mayor Gary from Wiarton was VERY quick to point out on Zoomer Radio 740 AM that everything is ‘above board’ with the new guy. Paperwork all in order, Canadian citizenship, temporary work visa, and all his COVID shots up to date. And then the ‘rookie’ gives us the ‘good news’! What a great debut!! By the bye, one particular email picture caught Rotzy’s eye….Punxatawney Phil’s EX-wife Phyllis, who now resides on a golf course….quite literally….in St Petersburg, Florida….looking quite ‘lovely’ in a pink bathrobe, hair all up in rollers whilst enjoying her ayem coffee and a Tasty Kreme*tm Donut. And, Phyllis is telling anybody who’s listening ”Phil is a compulsive liar”! NOT GOOD, Phil. NOT GOOD! In YOUR line of business.

From Liberaland
There is a rule in politics…a STRICT rule….with zero exceptions….that you WILL ‘vote WITH your caucus’. It makes not a bit of difference if you don’t like it, if it’s against your morals or religion, if your constituents complain about it….and tell you….or if it’s just plain bad politics. The party Whip will organize the vote and will leave no doubt which way to vote. If you vote against it, or ‘abstain’, you’ll get whipped. Then, if you’re an MPP in the governing P/C Party, you’re not any more! In the party. Doug Ford will see to that. You’ll be banished from the P/C’s for life, give up your office, complete with name plate, you will sit as an Independent ‘in the cheap seats’ on the ‘other’ side of the Legislature….all the perqs/the whole works, gone. Just like that. Miz. Jo and I have known of two such incidents….both established Federal MP’s altho it matters not….however, they both survived (quite well in fact) by ‘crossing the floor’ to another party. But few have that opportunity. There is another rule….also STRICT….and this is another ‘unwritten rule’, albeit not as ‘widespread/common’ as caucus ‘enforcing’. You do NOT ‘bad mouth’ whoever it was that ‘made you up’….i.e. ‘named you to the cabinet/’promoted you within the cabinet’. You don’t ‘go against them’. EVER! (*see below) Unless you’re Mike Duffy. Yep! The Duff will do/say anything to cover his own fat ass….he’ll even drag the Prime Minister over the coals. Ask Stephen Harper….it was HE who appointed Beluga Head to the Senate! Anyway, the reason I mention the CAUCUS….and Ford….is because the P/C caucus is gonna get VERY interesting……NO! Like, WAY past interesting as the Green Belt tightens around Ford’s ‘ample waist’! Get it? ‘The Green Belt’?! I don’t know how he can keep a straight face as he keeps denying the ‘tip-off charges’ on the cheap land deals and lying through his teeth. Nonetheless, or should I say ‘notwithstanding’, we’ll see ya in caucus, Pinocchio!!

Here’s An Example….
….(up front and personal) of how the ‘staying loyal thing’ works (*see above). I recently mentioned my “F/N” Mail Out List, a ‘pre-print copy’ that goes weekly to some people, including politicians….Patty Hajdu (a Finnish name pron. HY-do) is on it. The list. Has been for some years….since winning the T Bay/Superior North riding, a Liberal stronghold. She won in her first shot at politics, the lady from Thunder Bay with the ‘eye catching’ hair style….same election Trudeau became P/M, but face it, Harper was SO far down the pre-vote popularity polls, Idi Amin coulda smoked him! Back to Patty. The first tyme we spoke was a few months prior to the election for an ‘interview’….pretty sure it was her ‘first’ outside The Big Turnip….at the T-Star in Geraldton. Miz. Jo and Rotzy drove down from Nakina to meet Patty and Matt Pascuzzo her ‘campaign manager’. I guess you could say it went well, “F/N” became supportive, helped out with signage (‘bribed’ with home made butter tarts) and cetera. The last tyme I saw/spoke with her was in Nakina, where she was learning ‘French 101’ at Notre Dame des Ecoles….and that was two elections ago. Plain and simple, she does NOT/will NOT respond to “F/N”….then again, this isn’t the Globe and Mail, eh? Plus she has done well and held a few impressive Cabinet posts, like Min of Health….at a very tough tyme. However, yours truly and “From Nakina” are yesterday’s news in Liberaland, literally and figuratively. But, Rotzy knows better….”F/N” has perhaps said one or two un-nice things about the P/M….OK, OK, OK. Quite a few un-nice things about him. So rather than duke it out verbally, she’s thinking “YOU bad mouthed MY boss” (the one who ‘made me up’) ”so you’re the heck of me”. Hey Patty, it’s not Rotzy’s fault if your boss is the only guy in Cda who is despised more than Doug Ford. Hell…’Pinocchio’ doesn’t even like him!

“But Why”?….you ask.
Well Patty, seeing as you ‘asked’, he’s too much like his dad for yours truly’s liking! And he’s forever apologizing….to everybody, to nobody, for everything, for nothing. But, don’t just take Rotzy’s word on it. We went to a “F/N” Independent Readers Poll last week (overseen by Price-Waterhouse) and the results weren’t good at all for J/T and/or the Liberals. The ONE and only ‘positive comment’ by pollsters? He ‘has good hair’. Then ‘it goes all awry’! Not his hair….HIM! Such as…..*24 Sussex. Drive…love it or list it? *After paying ‘consultants’ a few hundred G’s to ‘decide’….and failing. *also, the money you people paid consultants last year was 60% higher than the previous P/M! *the OAS increase he FINALLY OK’s last year was 10 years late and HALF what it should be. A slap in the face for seniors. *After a year-long study on Long Term Care Homes, the recommended rules/changes/laws brought forth by the committee last week flatly states are ‘voluntary’ NOT ‘mandatory’. Unbelievable!! Gutless….more laws with no teeth! *JT has no guts….no cajones….no balls. And no idea! *The entire ‘COVID thing’ was a study in total mis-management! As opposed to a ‘model’ for the provinces to follow. *Canada’s ‘tough guy stance’ vs Russia in support of The Ukraine….sorry….Junior just isn’t. *AND….after much gnashing of teeth, we’re giving them 4 tanks….FOUR ****ing TANKS!! (They didn’t specify if the fuel was topped up or not?) *Oh well, we can stick with crippling the Russian economy with even more drastic ‘sanctions’. *Saved this one for last….the most recent I suppose, with the rising wave of emotions and a HUGE outcry for BAIL REFORM, country-wide and at all levels, one of your Cabinet mates….I’m guessing the Min of Justice (?)….in responding to a grilling by the opposition came up with this ‘gem’….”We do not want to rush right into this thing”!! WE DON’T??!! And what colour is the sky in that guy’s world?? Sorry Patty….but you asked.

*Thought Of The Day…If you find Rotzy on life support, unplug me, plug me back in, and see if that works.

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