NEWS: On the verge of phenomenal medical innovation

New York Times journalist, David Wallace-Wells, writes a very enlightening and exciting piece regarding our being on the edge of phenomenal breakthroughs in medical innovation.

The summary of the article:

  • The Golden Age of Medicine: A perspective on the recent breakthroughs and innovations in biomedical science that promise to transform human health and longevity.
  • The Power of Crispr: A technology that enables the editing of the genetic code of life, opening up new possibilities for curing diseases, enhancing traits, and creating novel organisms.
  • The Rise of Biologics: A class of drugs that are derived from living cells or organisms, such as antibodies, vaccines, and gene therapies, that offer more precise and effective treatments for various conditions.
  • The Frontiers of Neuroscience: A field that explores the mysteries of the brain and the nervous system, using tools like optogenetics, brain-computer interfaces, and neural implants to manipulate and enhance neural functions.
  • The Challenges and Opportunities: A discussion of the ethical, social, and economic implications of the biomedical revolution, such as the risks of misuse, inequality, and regulation.

Read the full article –>  Golden Age

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