You’re invited to pay public tribute to you  Mother

Hello, on May 14th, the site will be publishing a tribute page to all mothers, those who are still with us and also to those who are not.

Surprising response to
Mothers Day Tribute project
The response to this opportunity has been surprising. I expected many more participants. To date, here is a list of those who have chosen to pay tribute to their mothers publicly:

Bruno G.
Nadia G.
Richard S.
Shaheen B.

If you would like to participate in this special tribute to Mothers,
send a photo of your mom to Richard 
at email address: richardszpin@gmail.com

Add text
Photos will be identified by mother’s first name and surname initial. I
f you would like to add text to the publication, email to me. I will incorporate it into the design.

The DESIGN of the tribute
I have not yet designed the tribute page.

Show support for your mom and this project
Such a design is a new challenge for my website skills but I am confident that all participants will be pleased with the outcome.

I hope you will consider adding your mother to the project.

Happy Mothers Day

If you would like to contact me, please fill the form below: