Bruno’s Mother

Mom Elfriede will be 88 years young on September 2, 2017.

She is a true Canadian, although she was born in Germany. As she puts it, “I have been a Canadian a lot longer than I have lived in Germany.” Has always had respect for Canada’s Blue beret peacekeepers.

She loves soccer. That is how she and her friend met their respective husbands, watching and admiring them on the soccer fields back in Germany. Both families are still living in the Durham Region.

Once, a few years ago, we had a Canada Day BBQ at our place and had a surprise for my Mom and Dad. First I gave my Mom a German flag as Germany was playing soccer against another team and she was cheering them on. She has always been a supporter of the underdog. Then I gave my Dad a Canadian flag to celebrate his arrival in Canada. My Mom immediately took his flag and gave him hers. Yup, she is a true Canadian.