Nadia’s mother

Nonna is 94 years old. Though she is still going, ‘strong’ no longer applies. She now faces life’s final challenges, early stage dementia, loss of hearing, loss of sight, and loss of body strength. As each challenge progressively impacts on her, she valiantly engages the battle with moments of flourish and valour, capturing an appropriate phrase to describe something. She is a tribute to the indefatigable spirit of every person.

Nonna has always had a charisma, an aura of social magnetism attracting innumerable people of every persuasion to visit her. Even in celebrating her birthdays in her 90’s, every get together was a party with guests in the dozens coming to wish her birthday greetings. Even now as she endures her most difficult time of life, she still has numerous visitors dropping by daily and surprisingly, she seems to revive with each visit, engaging in communication and exchanging social repartees of meaning and relevance. She really is an amazing mother!