“A strange country…”

If you don’t know Rosie Dimanno, a Toronto Star journalist who writes both opinion commentaries and insightful sports columns, you are really missing one of the very best newspaper writers of modern times. If you have never read Rosie, you should. If you have never looked at her columns, you are missing an opportunity of reading the best of the amazing Toronto Star writers. But Rosie Dimanno is the creme de la creme, the best.

In her column, “Pistol-packing Republicans in Congress have only themselves to fear,” she will make you wonder how it is possible to write such a descriptive piece and yet restraint herself from painting a very obvious picture of an amazingly strange country, the USA.

Click Strange country to read her column about the elected representatives of the American Congress and some come to work carrying weapons, Glocks. For some American Congressional representatives, this is essential office equipment. 

Rosie’s picture might more appropriately be time-stamped as the 1800s, not the 2100s. Gun-toting citizens of the American Wild West.

Even more amazing than this insane picture of America’s capital is that Dimanno writes a full Star page piece without once denigrating or labelling the American politicians. Not once does label them as nuts, as being psychos, as being mentally unstable, that they are abnormal people, maybe sickos. Not once. The temptation to say such things may have been there but Rosie refused to give in to temptation. She has called T**** all kinds of negative labels, openly and without hesitation but she cuts the general politicians some slack.

What a columnist, what a diplomat. Smart too as she knows the USA is her primary ground for future articles. Smart diplomat, smart journalist, smart writer. My favourite Toronto Star columnist. [ Full disclosure: Rosie never paid me a penny for this commentary and might not be aware of my writing it. ]

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