From NAKINA...: Another great writer enters our fold in 2018

We are fortunate to find writers worth their weight in gold and our latest treasure is Bob Rotz.

Rotzy, as he’s known to his many readers, resides in Northern Ontario, Geraldton, the ‘far north’ to us folks who live in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) southern regions of Ontario. Rotzy refers to our area as the ‘Great Turnip Area.’

Find Thunder Bay at the top of Lake Superior and head north, far north. Eventually, you reach Geraldton, not a well beatin’ path but trekked by Eskimos, FN (First Nations), trappers, and Santa Claus. The latter travels there as they have snow just about every month of the year.

But let’s let Bob speak for himself. Watch for his pieces in “From NAKINA” and read his bio at ROTZY

Oh, and watch for notes from and about his wife, Miz Jo !


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