Apr 12 – Health issues become increasingly confusing in later years…welcome to the world of COVID chaos.

Rotzy’s updating the medical conditions on the home front. Thankfully, all is good with both Miz. Jo and himself, though himself is a bit confusing. Too many doctors or too many doctors not fully communicating with one another. Read on.

Readers Write….
….and this fellow cut loose on coping with COVID, related/un-related topics….check ’em out: *Right now there’s a mother somewhere ‘home schooling’ her kids on geography by having them track her 4 day overdue Amazon*tm package. **My neighbours complained about me moaning and groaning too loud when having sex in the morning….if they only knew I’m just trying to put my socks on!! ***My wife and I have come up with the cutest nicknames for each other. She’s my ‘buttercup’ and I’m her ‘useless sack of s–t’. How sweet is that, huh?

Health Update
    Miz. Jo first….she’s had a ‘minor health issue’ going on three weeks, and it took some running around/back and forths to doctor and pharmacy with yours truly having to ‘lean on them’ a tad at the doc’s office, resulting finally in some anti-biotics! Two weeks late, but it was finally in the rear view mirror! Rotzy’s week started off Monday ayem with a call from Nurse Trish (not her real name) saying ‘you need your bloodwork done before your (virtual) appt. with the doctor Wed AM….like NOW’. (*this ongoing quarterly thing for diabetes and cetera got ‘COVID-ed aside’ over a year ago, but I guess it’s back on) Back down there to grab the requisition and an hour later I’m digging in my pocket for 2 toonies for parking as I leave Sunlife Labs, leaving 2 vials and a pee sample behind. Tuesday afternoon I had a face to face (real) appt with a new-to-me doctor, an ‘internist/specialist’ from BGH who will be looking after my heart from here on. (*kinda like a ‘cardiologist’ but not quite?) Seems to me we hit it off well and are on the same page as to what’s ahead. Also, his dog wasn’t there when I was, but its’ fancy basket, blanket, pillow and toys sat right beside his desk, and I figure any doctor of medicine who is kind to animals MUST be a good person as well as a fine specialist. You think? Well, that takes me to Wednesday AM, and a 10:45 ‘virtual’ appointment with Dr Kildare (not his real name) our family doctor. As you know by now ‘virtual’ means via fone and on his dime! Well, his call was ‘fashionably late’….about 10:55….and the call was gonna be about the bloodwork I had done two days prior, plus my substantial list of meds and any changes/recommendations to said list. Well, that WAS what we were supposed to do….BUT….right off the bat he asked ”how are you feeling”, Rotzy replied “Great…..A-1….best I’ve felt in a year or more….like, 100% better after getting outta the hospital”. To which the doctor asked “I beg your pardon”….or something like that, and from there it went downhill. ”Where?/when?/why?/how long”? “BGH/March 7th/congestive heart failure and COPD/one week, well six days actually”. Bottom line is that your/my family doctor is supposed to be notified on anything/everything done/performed/prescribed by someone other than him/her, and my doctor was NOT! He also was/is NOT a happy camper, which pretty much ended our ‘virtual appt’ and he said we’ll do a ‘face to face on Tuesday (13th) and cover it all then. I said ”OK….thanks, doctor”. As always, Rotzy is the ideal patient….always doing what I’m told….and I have this undieing respect (no pun intended) for ALL those in the medical profession. In spite of the fact that my 220 lb frame somehow ‘slipped through the cracks’ of standard procedure between my doctor and BGH record keeping. Hey….it’ll get sorted out. And BTW (by the way), as to yours truly’s condition….to (loosely) quote a former US President on the news following his election loss/win ….”reports on my demise are obviously incorrect”.

    ”Signs, signs, everywhere a sign….blocking out the scenery, breaking my mind….do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign”. Sorry…..no, I’m NOT sorry….but Rotzy was never a big fan of ‘protest songs’….Joan Baez, Neil Young, Sgt Barry Sadler, The Boss, Lightfoot, Buffy, Cher, Michael, Michael and Paul, and cetera, and cetera. As to ”Signs”, I can’t remember who recorded it a couple/few decades back….nor do I care….but it got TOO much airplay way back then. And, to my annoyance, The Grand 92.9FM is STILL playing it!….methinks on a daily basis. Anyway, I took a drive in Norm Nissan last Saturday down to Eagle Place to see if I could find some young friends of ours from here at 55 Harris Place, who, along with their two large dogs, had moved to God’s Country. Anyway, I’m moving along Clarence St nicely with the flow of traffic until we all slowed down almost to a crawl as we approached Colborne (Btfd’s main drag), which was rather obviously the site of a protest….12-15 people with well made big orange signs with black lettering on long wooden handles. Some kind of ‘Anti-Covid’ message(s), ”No More COVID Closures” being the most popular. I said (to myself) “S–t Toad, how long do you suppose we’ll sit in this %&$#@ mess”??!! “Not very” I replied, as I saw we’d actually been stopped by a red light, the ‘protesters’ weren’t interfering with traffic in any direction, just circling with their signs held aloft, and shouting out their rallying cries. I couldn’t add to their chant because I couldn’t make out what they were saying, so….SO….I turned Norm’s radio right down and started belting out ”Signs, Signs, Everywhere a sign….Blocking out the scenery, Breaking my mind…..”!!! (Really. I’m not making this up!) I even ‘found’ Norm’s horn to honk my support back at them, as they offered ‘fist-pumps’, waves, cetera and cetera. Well, dont-cha know that somehow Rotzy knew/knows ALL the lyrics….sang the whole damn song!…even when the sign people were a block behind Norm and me. Imagine. I suppose you’re now thinking “In truth, Rotzy’s been in the Joan Baez Fan Club for at least 50 years”. Well sorry, but you’d be wrong. **PS** By the bye, Miz Jo just clamped the ‘Oximeter’*tm on my finger and I got a 94 ! (over 90 is excellent) whilst I was busy on the fone with an inbound call from a R/N at I.C.C.P. St Joseph’s Care-Hamilton! (yes….94! Honest Injun….or Honest ‘Native Person’ if you prefer) updating the newest member of My Team. Most of ICCP’s care will be ‘Virtual’ now, following 3 or 4 initial visits. As to “No More COVID Closures”, I’m not so sure we wanna go down that road right now! You think?

*Thought Of The Day…Are the E’s in Bee silent?  (Just wondering.)

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