Apr. 22 – Easter bunny….at Queen’s Park ?

Easter egg hunting, Doug Ford lamentations and curse of Harold Ballard.

Al Jolson….
….first sang about it/them in 1921….almost 100 years ago. “Though April showers may come your way    They bring the flowers that bloom in May   So if it’s raining have no regrets….la da da da da da da dee”. Nice. Fine. Lovely. And, I don’t know about the ”regrets”….but enuff already, Al!! These ‘showers’ have been going on way too long, in fact, yesterday’s “Rain Warning” for 15 to 25MM was more than exceeded….again. Yours truly knows a bit about growing stuff, and I rather doubt that gardens resembling a rice paddy will make for ideal growing conditions for ‘May flowers’. Also, folks I’ve spoken with here at 555 Harris Place are tired of/fed up with ‘grey days’…..so come on Al, sing something about sunshine. Thanks in advance!

Rotzy’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt
I was up and at it bright and early today….Easter Sunday….about 5:15 AM in fact. I had hidden about half of the two dozen eggs late yesterday afternoon and obviously The Easter Bunny looked after the rest sometyme last night. Well, between the rabbit and me I’d say we did quite well because at this point I’ve only retrieved about half of them, however, I’ve stayed within the rules….don’t eat any of the bright, foiled-wrapped solid milk chocolate treats before 1:00 PM! Anyway, it came tyme to get started at “From Nakina” so I’ve put the egg hunt on hold….hence I’ll try to remember to let y’all know the Final Results next week. (*see below) The only kids’ outdoor hunt I’d heard of came from a reader, whose grandkids were going ahead with their ‘rain or shine’. Anyway, regardless of whether you and yours were looking for eggs, Miz. Jo and I hope YOUR Easter….whether it was ham or turkey….was a good one!!!

It’s Sunday 9:39 AM as I’m writing this (because of deadlines) so of course I can’t know which team will advance to the next round of the NHL playoffs, the Bruins or the Leafs? Game Six is today at 3:00 PM, with the Leafs leading 3 games to 2….Boston’s GOTTA win…..and altho Rotzy doesn’t really have a favourite team, it has been said in this space for some years that Tronna will NOT win as long as it’s ‘under the curse of Harold Ballard’….so is this the year they shed the dark cloud? Well, I have at least one reader….thee biggest Leaf fan ever!….who will guarantee it! Then again there are three or four other readers who’ve been Bruin backers since even before Bobby Orr….not to forget our young Canada Post delivery guy here at Harris Place who regularly sports an ancient (circa 1940) Boston sweater his grandfather gave him. Meanwhile, the Toronto Raptors, who call themselves as Canada’s Team, are trying to win their first NBA Title ever! Tickets for either/both of these T.O. teams are VERY hard to get. Not so for the Blue Jays…..M.T. seats galore, so come one, come all!!!

Man On A Mission
Before Dougie Ford became ‘Da Boss’…..aka Premier Of Ontario….one of his campaign planks, altho I’m not calling it a platform, was (loosely quoted) “no more long waits at the Hospital E/R”. Well, by gosh by golly, Fordo just might follow through on that one, because with the monstrous/mind-boggling cuts he’s going ahead with regarding Health Care in Ontario, the E/R you once had to wait in may well not even exist any more!!! And Ford’s cuts to education will also have devastating/long-range effects. Plus, with teachers contracts ending in a few months, he’s sure ‘endeared’ himself to that group last week by warning them ”don’t even think about striking”! The Ford Circus is gathering momentum, so here’s a *memo to T.O. Mayor John Tory….”Hey John….you want to start looking for a job….maybe a different line of work completely?….because Da Boss has you lined up in his crosshairs and he’s gonna fire your ass!! Either simply board up the office, or replace you! Perhaps with that guy who turned down the Top Cop Job. What’s that?? He can’t do that? C’mon John….you didn’t think he could/would cut your council in half!!! Wake up! And the new multi-billion $ transportation package for the GTA…..not to worry, Doug will take care of it all. Da Boss is like a ‘one-stop shop’….a great big, giant Costco….albeit somewhat bossy and/or obnoxious. Or something like that. Stay tuned. But above all, stay healthy!!!

Scams And Stuff
I’ve written here in the past about people (especially oldsters) being on their guard with unsavoury characters who would love nothing more than to separate us from our hard-to-come-by money….not just on your fone/at your front door, but also via your computer. Well, one-day last week Rotzy himself got a little careless (with some of my/our ‘pertinent information’) after I’d been informed of a ‘situation’ with my Windows 8.1. Long story short, our son and his wife were visiting us Good Friday, and after a couple calls about our cards and doing some computer stuff I didn’t/don’t understand, Miz. Jo and yours truly were breathing somewhat easier. I had kept on repeating over and over ”it seemed so legit”!! And I kept on being told. ”THAT is how good/realistic they are”!! So, I’ll say it again….”BE CAREFUL”!!! And after last week’s ‘close call’ here in The Rotz Nest, I might add….”Do as I say, not as I do”!

Easter Egg Update
Final tally as at Sunday 11:56 AM….Eggs Found 21….Eggs Consumed by Easter Bunny 1….Total 22. Problem is, how many were there in the bag? Methinks there are/were 2 dozen….24. Guess I’m not finished as of yet….tho I can’t eat any for another hour. Damn.

*Thought Of The Day…Don’t get us oldsters angry….a ‘life sentence’ is not much of a deterrent to avoid crime, when most of our life is done with.

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