Apr. 6 – 75, a personal high!

Rotzy hits a new high, 75, and he’s in the best form of his life on here…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

‘Distancing’ And Stuff
    As to The “D” Word….which these days is getting more use than ”So” as the opening word in a sentence (another Rotzy pet peeve)….yours truly pointed out two or three editions ago that it should be preceded by ”physical” because it was/is anything BUT ”social” when getting behavioural instructions/rules pertaining to COVID-19. And it goes without saying that rather than using a negative term like ”anti-social distancing”, going with ”physical distancing” is much more ‘user-friendly’ you think?….and from what I’ve seen, “From Nakina” was first/almost first to apply the latter, hastily followed by everybody else. What is interesting about this new way to gain entry into your favourite supermarket, bank, and cetera is the expressions on people’s faces and even their body language. Some are fine with the 6 ft distancing, others wishing it was 8-10 ft, then those who will let everybody within earshot know, ”the whole %$#@& thing is stupid”! Well, get used to it people, because we’re not going back to ‘normal’ anytyme soon!

Health Care….2020 Style
    I had an appt with my doctor last Wed ayem at 10:45….a standard bi-annual thing where we cover my meds, adding to/cutting out as need be; checking my 3-month average sugar #’s; B/P; cholesterol; and whatever else needs addressing. But….this tyme….and from now on?….we did it on the fone! They had called me the week before to see if that was OK, keeping with the same day and tyme. Turns out the fone appt was just like a real office visit since it was 11:20 by the tyme he rang me. Anyway, all’s well, then he reminded of the corona thing and told me to stay well and stay safe….hence I thought it best to mention I was/am somewhat concerned these days that I may have more alcohol going on my hands than in my mouth, but that I could/would try even that situation up.

On The Heels….
….of the doctor’s appt , I checked my desk calendar and found I was supposed to see my Foot Lady on Apr 6th at 2:30…..a quarterly meeting set up thru the Diabetes Group involving circulation, sensitivity, etc, and ending with a toe-nail trim….my most favourite part of it! Well, dont’cha know she called me on Thursday and we did our business over the fone. Everything BUT the nails of course, and she cautioned me….suggesting that I maybe ‘file them’. Well Rotzy will go along with THAT plan….hell, it’s been 15 years since I’ve cut them. But health care in a pandemic-stricken world will take some getting used to.

By The Bye….
    When this Times-Star edition hits the shelves, Rotzy will have turned 75! Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, that is. Three quarters of a century!! HO-LEE S–T!!! So….SO….we’re gonna have a PARTY next weekend!….a biggie!!…..and ALL catered by a top drawer purveyor of fine food and drink!!! We’re selecting the menu and trying to decide what year/vintage Chateau Neuf De Pape to serve alongside the 5-star meal. Of course, with the corona thing rules to abide by, none of y’all are invited. Sorry.

We’re On A Roll….
….here at 555 Harris Place….one of many apartments owned by Skyline Living here in Brant’s Ford….and, I would assume, a ‘roll’ our landlord isn’t all that proud of. Another catalytic was lifted off a vehicle in our parking lot last week between sundown Wed and sun-up Thurs, bringing the count to THREE in just over ONE MONTH!! Just two spots away from our Edna The (Chevy) Equinox and half way down the lot from Norm The (Nissan) Truck. However, in speaking with the latest victims (who live two doors down from us) after they’d taken their Kia to the dealer for a new one, it seems Miz. Jo and I should be OK….the bad guys don’t likely want a 13-yr old Nissan part, and Chevrolet (along with Ford and Chrysler) isn’t way up the ‘preferred list’. Our neighbours found out from Police that Hyundai and Kia are at the top because of the ease in removing the part….done without even jacking it up….and, I would imagine, because of demand. The most annoying part of problem…..aside from forking out $2000 or more….minus your $500 to $1000 Deductable….is that we all got/get Skyline’s spiel about the comfort zone provided by their 24/7 surveillance cameras when we moved into 555. Well, live 24/7 camera feed onto monitor screens aren’t good for jack if nobody’s watching the screen. They MIGHT (help) identify a thief after the crime 3-4 days or a week later, tho we’ve heard diddley about any arrest(s) in the aforementioned crimes. I know not if our sister buildings (#535 and #575) are also being targeted but somebody’s having a big picnic here at Lauren Harris’s Place!!

In Spite….
….of what Miz. Jo and Rotzy would surely call the past several months ‘an EASY winter’…..at least when compared to Nakina….that full, warm, glorious and inviting SUNSHINE that we had in BTFD yesterday (Sat/Apr4) acted just like a giant magnet for a lot of us oldsters….especially for those from #575 and more  a dozen of them gathered against the additional protection the wall next door at the storage place to enjoy the radiant heat….all practicing proper ‘physical distancing’….whilst others did ‘laps’ around the building….Miz. Jo and Rotzy enjoying it all from the third floor. Now, if we can just get beyond COVID-19 and enjoy summer to its fullest.

*Thought Of The Day…Worry won’t stop the bad stufff happening….it just stops you from enjoying the good.    (Charles M. Schulz)

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