Aug 24 – COVID, maskin’ and gripin’

Quarantining, isolation and limited socialization are beginning to wear some of us down…we need some escape, soon.

Readers Write….
….and Rotzy is passing on to y’all what this one in particular had to say about friends and such, altho I use the term ‘friends’ somewhat loosely. Check ’em out: *If we were on a sinking ship, and there was only one life vest….I would miss you SO much! **Friends come and go, like waves on the ocean, but the true ones stay like an octopus on your face. ***I’m the kind of crazy you weren’t warned about because no one knew this level existed. Thanks for your emails….keep ’em coming!

Olde Is New
    I received an interesting email last Wed or Thurs. Actually, it went well past ‘interesting’….to the point of being quite ‘unnerving’, truth be told. It dealt with the atrocities surrounding the Spanish Flu Epidemic/Pandemic that took hold of the world 101 years ago (!) in ways VERY similar to what COVID-19 has done/is doing in 2020! Aside from the obvious differences, namely black and white historical photographs and clothing styles, not to mention very few telephones and NO Internet to convey important information around the globe in a matter of seconds, the similarities are, like I said, ”quite unnerving”. For example the same sort of ‘closures’ were announced….schools, churches, clubs/groups/meetings, and cetera, cancelled; the almost identical style of masks worn in public; advertisements proclaiming the best way to fight the advance of the epidemic/pandemic was WASH OFTEN and to STAY AT HOME, word for word the same as COVID-19’s plea; and even if the number of cases/victims reported may differ between 1919 and 2020, BOTH of them are, quite truthfully, absolutely horrid!! Well….we’re about to find out what, if anything, we have learned in the last 101 years!! Miz. Jo just returned from the “F/N” Info And Research Dept with the following data…..The Spanish Flu was born in the USA, spread between 1918 and 1919….it came in THREE waves….and claimed 50 MILLION lives, many of course in the USA. In a world with MUCH LESS population than current numbers! As to places like New York, L/A, Florida….and yes, Tronna….we’ll leave it up to the readership to decide if the ongoing bad ‘new cases reported’ numbers is because of a lack of leadership, self-discipline, low I/Q’s, or simply a LARGE population. Hey….maybe ALL of them. Imagine. THAT would not bode well. At all.

Why Now…..
    has Skyline Living, our kindly ‘keepers’ here at #555/#535/#575, decided to bring in ‘mandatory masque rules’ last week??!! In all ‘common areas’, which would/will/do include hallways, elevators, lobbies, ‘work-out’ room, entrances and exits….(not in parking lots, yet)  So….SO….why not 3 or 4 months ago? Also, notwithstanding the fact that not ONE case has been reported from all three buildings to date. In fact, according to ‘an independent parking lot poll’ taken of oldsters last Friday, there is presently only ONE current case in all of Brant’s Ford even as I write this….Sat Aug 22. Another ‘fact’, Rotzy can’t recall seeing even one resident (youngster or oldster) breaking the rules since it became law….at least not in #555. Certainly not those in Unit #303….and that is because Miz. Jo has ‘fashioned’ two new masques for her and yours truly, ‘cowboy-style’ models with ”Nakina” embroidered on them….we’re sort of like Jesse and Jessica James….that go over your pumpkin, rest below your chin, and when you see someone coming, y’all just hike ’em up over your nose, and poof! you are all legal-like….see? I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say they’re likely more protective than my KN 95 paper mask, covering more of my ‘Grizzly Adams’-style beard, yet I don’t think ‘Jesse’ catches as much of my snot, other bugs and germs as the more compact 95 does….and if so, it can be washed, in case I/we decide to rob a bank. Having said that, if Skyline has a change of heart and scraps the mandatory rule, Jesse and KN will be gone quick as you can say ‘masque’!! But for the tyme being, ‘mandatory’ rules….and….the SCPD/MD (Skyline Covid Police Department/Mask Division) seem to be/are on a mission of sorts….and not to be messed with. They are reportedly an ‘undercover’ group, all of them mask-ed in considerably larger than ‘civilian’ issue models….some wearing dark blue Skyline uniforms, but not always. Anyway, ‘pockets of unrest’ toward the new ‘mandatory’ rules have popped here and there, mostly by oldsters like Ellie (not her real name) who have their concerns. You see, Skyline has only specified ‘cloth masques’….but Rotzy would bet that HALF of them/us wear the (cheaper) paper ones. And very few have the Jesse and Jessica style Miz. Jo and I now have. Also, they have NOT told us where/how to wear them! ****Bulletin****Whilst typing this “F/N” column (Sun 9:00 Ayem), FOUR Brantford PD vehicles pulled up to the front door of #575. I’m going out on a limb here (again) and saying it was NOT likely masque-related as the cops left half an hour later….without any olde ‘prisoners’. Stay tuned on this one.

    Went to a ‘brunch’ last Wed aft at a friend’s house, joined by two more olde guys….Moe, Curley and Larry (not their real names). Moe and yours truly go back about 60 years, Curley and Larry over 50. We listened to a lot of blues music, The Band and a variety of good stuff from another tyme/era. A couple brown pops, Moe did up some Moe Burgers on the ‘Q to go along with the salads and cetera. We played ‘name that face’ with some olde sports team pics….who’s still ‘here’ and (maybe a few tears) with who’s ‘gone’….and we really ran roughshod all over Memory Lane. So….SO…I said to Moe (not his real name) ”We could/should do this again a year or two down the road”. Moe replied “S–t Rotzy, why wait a year? We could/should do it in six months!….’cause it’ll still be just as if it’s the first tyme anyway!” I said “Plus, we never know when our bus is gonna arrive, right?” Bingo.

*Thought Of The Day…I don’t go crazy, I am crazy. I just go normal from tyme to tyme.

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