TODD's reflects...: Bucket list rejections !

Either Todd’s suffering from PSTD (  Plenty Sun Touching Dome ) by lying out in the Mexican sun too long or he has been soaking up a bit too much tequila.

But it hasn’t got to him yet. He’s rejected some items from being added to his “bucket list.”

Take a look at Todd’s bucket list rejects.

Things I will NOT do in 2018 (or any other year for that matter)!

Wyoming extreme skiing

Cliff camping

Alps skywalking

Redwoods climbing

Sitting on Trolltunga Rock, Norway

JUMPING on Trolltunga Rock, Norway

Ice climbing frozen waterfalls

Extreme picnicking

Skywalking Mt. Nimbus, Canada

Enjoying a scenic peek !!!

Extreme kayaking, Victoria Falls

Diving rock monoliths in Portugal

Climbing Mt. Wellington

CN Tower edgewalking, Toronto

Cycling in Norway

Crevice trekking

Glacier boarding

Biking the Moher Cliffs

I am ALREADY old.
I didn’t get here by being stupid!


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