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Book distribution information from our writers.

Each of the writers here is dedicated to creating entertaining and engaging books for you. They work hard to create material that will give you reading pleasure and some fun escapism.

Give them your support.


A Shield in the Shadows              Cheryl Bristow                     LINK to author’s site

Be the Awesome Man                   Dennis Gazarek                    LINK to author’s site

Courage, Sacrifice & Betrayal  Rick Pyves                           LINK to author’s site

Crazy Cove   Koroscil, Menon, Tucker                                        LINK to  editor’s site

Night Madness                                Rick Pyves                             LINK to author’s site

Rag Dolls and Rage                      Sheila Tucker                       LINK to author’s site

The Henna Artist                          Alka Joshi                             LINK to author’s site

The Secret Keeper of Jaipur  Alka Joshi                              LINK to author’s site

Towards the Light                        Eva Henn                             LINK to author’s site

Unborn. Untold.                           Ruth Coghill, S. Davidson    LINK to author’s site

Whacked                                         Dennis Gazarek                    LINK to author’s site


Bathtime Fun!                  Kathleen Gauer      LINK to author’s site        4-7 years

For No Reason                Kathleen Gauer      LINK to author’s site        4-7 years

High in the Sky              Kathleen Gauer      LINK to author’s site        4-7 years

The Wish Carvers        Kathleen Gauer        LINK to author’s site        4-9 years

Bushyhead                      Peta-Gaye Nash      LINK to author’s site        4-10 years

On a Higher Hill:
    A Christmas Journey 
Sheila Tucker     LINK to author’s site      4-7 years

Emotional Animal Alphabet (series)
                                               Sandra Wilson       LINK to author’s site 4-7 years

Super Kids Save the World (series)
                                              Sandra Wilson      LINK to author’s site 4-10 years
Feeling Empty(series) Sandra Wilson     LINK to author’s site        4-10 years


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  • CRAZY COVE, an anthology
  • BE THE AWESOME MAN, Dennis Gazarek
  • 4 Children’s books, KATHLEEN GAUER
  • WHACKED, (General Motors), Dennis Gazarek
  • Over the Garden Fence, Sheila E. Tucker
  • Night Madness, Courage, Sacrifice and Betrayal
  • BLACK – short stories and more
  • Howard PELL – fitness for the ages
  • BRISTOW, A Shield in the Shadows