BE THE AWESOME MAN, Dennis Gazarek

A book for all ages, maybe even more so today because of our extensive reliance on technology, electronics and the Internet for solutions to problems.

Be the Awesome Man: A Man’s Guide to Achieving Discipline, Success, and Happiness
Dennis Gazarek

Dennis Gazarek has written a very comprehensive working guide to improve one’s life focusing on young men in their earliest stages of self-awareness. Though the book seems to be aimed at late teen males or young men in their early twenties, the advice in this book can apply to a male of almost any age beginning their process of self-development and self-improvement.

The beta version of the book needs more editing. The author recognizes that the beta version is a work in progress and looks forward to the polishing and perfecting of the next version.

Nevertheless, the goal of the book is established: “…to leave childhood behind and become Awesome Men,” leaving behind “the irresponsibility of childhood for the challenges of adulthood with its potential of happiness and joy.” Every human has limits, physical and intellectual. Try as they might, the lofty goals as proposed in this book are definitely high but ones to which every male should strive in their development. However, the fundamental message of the book should be accepted fully. And as noble as the goals may seem, Gazarek’s creed is that they are achievable by taking small incremental steps. The nucleus of the book underlines that the improvement process supersedes the end goal: improvement trumps perfection regardless of its aim. The process is crucial for it leads to the underdeveloped man to becoming ‘the awesome man.’

Who should use this book
Arguably most young men are not likely to read self-help books or any books for that matter. Gazarek is very aware of this. He aims his book at a more influential and mature demographic, one that has a greater impact on the development of young men: teachers, coaches, mentors, parents. This target group is more likely to read such an instructional manual and are encouraged to do so as Gazarek offers a motherlode of valuable advice to help young men strive for self-excellence.

A working guide
Gazarek’s book is a working guide and the blueprint of how to use it is outlined in the opening chapter.

Be the Awesome Man is a symphony of sage suggestions, a bottomless fount of extensive study, many excellent reinforcing quotes and boundless supportive data. Gazarek has scoured an amazingly vast number of sources to find facts, data and real-life models. This deep research reinforces his theme that a systematic and organized lifestyle with clear-cut and concise goals, increases the chances of achieving lofty goals for every young man.

Gazarek repeats his message relentlessly to reinforce its importance and provide more clarity. He reiterates that the awesome man is responsible, is disciplined, meets challenges with resilience and motivation. Gazarek writes a constant barrage of ‘you are great when you do this’ and the many reminders have merit. You can achieve what you believe and conceive but you must dedicate yourself to the goals.

Some closing thoughts
This guide to improved maturity in males is very sound with its urging to take small steps rather than giant leaps and basing it all on an array of awesome research, outstanding historical models of success, and solid data. However, it borders proselytization using generalities to preach its justifiable goals. Gazarek may believe that his endless repetition is persuasive, but it may be tiresome to some. Perhaps he believes the repetition will cause acceptance and adoption of his developmental process. But there is a fine line between persistence and nagging.

Gazarek has compiled a very practical psychological guide to self-improvement. The book is worth its cost. Using it as a guide means any man on his path of development will improve and inevitably become an awesome man. The author is due his credit for compiling such a practical, solid guide for any young man looking to improve himself as he matures.

The last word
Though the beta version stumbles in many places with errors of omission, repetition, overused cliches and sweeping generalities, these wrinkles will be ironed out before the final edition is published.

Even with these road bumps, Gazarek’s roadmap is a superhighway to an outstanding destination: Be the Awesome Man.

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