Celebrate Canada Day with gusto !

A reminder that Canada Day really deserves great celebration.

Canada Day July 1
Are you attending a local celebration? By yourselves or with family? Have to get out into that wonderful fresh air surrounded by the sounds of celebration:  laughs, giggles, shouts and smells. Flags will be waving, music playing and children running everywhere. Patriotism is alive and well in the Durham Region, Ontario and across Canada. As the slogan says, “I am Canadian!” Happy Canada Day

July 20-21 is the annual Mississaugas of Scugog Pow Wow
If you have never been to a native Pow Wow, this is something to behold. The colours are so vibrant, the sounds of drums and song reach out and touch your soul. Generations are represented in all events. There are numerous vendors selling wares from cultural jewelry to artwork. Food is also available.

Health is something we all are more considerate of nowadays.
Most of us have so many pills to take that we have to have them in special containers so we don’t miss any or mix up any quantities. Doctor visits are more frequent and more necessary.

Be cautious about what you say to older folks; some remember too much too well
My Mom has said many times she doesn’t need to see the doctor, yet she complains that something is wrong with her. With memory becoming a factor, she remembers something that was said to her mistakenly. It has been well over a year since a technician unwisely did her tests and then told her she has a bad heart. This she remembers and constantly brings it up. Out cardiologist has informed us that she has the best heart among the four of us. Yet she only remembers and repeats what that technician told her, that she has a bad heart. Not true, and she will be 90 years of age in September.

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