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Florida cell phone use is very surprising.

The poorest looking person surprises by pulling out a high-end cell phone to talk to someone. Of course, cellular phone rates are significantly lower than those in Canada and if they approach our rates, the providers offer much more for less cost. Unlimited cellular data packages seem to be the norm rather than unique when one shops in the many cellular phone retailers.
We found a retailer named BOOST which offered TWO PHONES for the price of one along with monthly packages that were incredible bargains compared to anything offered in Canada by our Big Three, Bell, Rogers and Telus. And the price, even considering conversion, TWO LG android phones with a stylus, 2 cameras, wifi connectivity and in this network, HOTSPOT capability. All for under $200 US, for TWO phones…add in another $100 for two months service for two phones and it’s a bargain unheard of and unavailable anywhere in Canada.
When we went to a BOOST retailer in a nearby plaza, the staff were outstanding in assistance but as we waited our turn, an older man, in scruffy apparel was being informed about how to use his new Chinese knock off Air Pods. This looked like a legitimate sale, rather than an under “the table one.” These Chinese Air Pods cost less than half of the Apple models. No wonder American electronics companies are angry about the Chinese and very supportive of President Trump’s “America first” outcry. American companies cannot compete with that kind of pricing and the quality is very near equal to the American product. And this man was buying this accessory, electronic icing to his digital cake.
However, Americans buy on time whenever they can. The phones above can be purchased with as little as $75 down for both and the rest paid by monthly instalments on one’s phone bill, without interest. It’s eye-opening to see how Americans may be short on the income consideration, but they sure aren’t going to suffer because they lack the cash. Live like a king, even if it may be until bankruptcy.
Americans are $13 trillion in debt, more than quadruple the debt level of just 10 years ago. They love living in debt. A royal lifestyle with a pauper creating debt load. What a lifestyle !

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