WAG author, Dennis Gazarek receives Canada Book Awards recognition

Dennis Gazarek has been selected for a Canada Book Award for his book Be the Awesome Man





Canada Book Award wrote Dennis, 

Hello Dennis Gazarek,

Congratulations! Your book (Be the Awesome Man) has been chosen as a Canada Book Award-winner! You can view your book as a WINNER on the Canada Book Awards website. Simply page-search the site for your name or book title near the top by using Ctrl F on your keyboard.
You are now a Canada Book Award-winner. No strings attached. As your book reaches further success, please feel free to email us with a testimonial if you wish. You now have permission to use the Canada Book Award WINNER emblem for your book promotion. Simply cut and paste the official emblem from the website and post it as you desire. For example, Amazon’s “add photo” under the book description and/or Author Central section is a perfect place to post your WINNER emblem to promote your book.
To correct any discrepancy on your book’s post or to remove the free one year post from our website at any time please email the Canada Book Awards’ administration.
The Canada Book Awards enjoyed assessing your book. Your dedication, passion and creative achievement is appreciated.
Best regards,
The Canada Book Awards
We applaud and congratulate Dennis on his success and achievement. Be the Awesome Man was a work of blood, sweat and effort and he deserves the recognition for this awesome work.
Our heartiest and sincerest congratulations Dennis!
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