Considering voting LIBERAL? Remember these things about Trudeau

  1. WE scandal…remember that?
  2. Family members cashing in on WE remuneration
  3. Vaccine contract badly negotiated
  4. Misogynistic treatment of Raybold-Wilson
  5. 25 years of undrinkable water on Indigenous lands
  6. Badly equipping RCMP force in Maritimes
  7. Inept vetting of Julie Payette for the office of GG
  8. Failure to complete missing indigenous women cases in western Canada
  9. Buying oil pipeline project that was rejected by the USA
  10. Failure to implement unified COVID strategy for all Canadians
  11. Continued misogynist in RCMP and Canada’s military
  12. Continued questionable vetting process: Canada’s defence chief Art McDonald for allegations of misconduct.
  13. Vaccine purchases were ongoing purchase confusion
  14. Pharmacare…who cares
  15. Child care…so many strings attached, fuggedaboutit !
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