Google Chrome is watching you. In fact, it is tracking every move you make on your computer from email content to browser searches.

You can escape from these handcuffs by changing your search engine to a company which respects your privacy, DuckDuckGo.

First, be aware that Google Chrome tracks you and your computer use, from Gmail addresses and Gmail content to all your web browser searches. You will notice this when this sequence happens: you search for kitchen knives. Your Google Chrome browser shows you some links to kitchen knife sites.

A day or so later, as you are browsing the Internet, you notice ads for kitchen knives popping up on your screen. Try another search, say for snowblowers and the same thing will happen with popups for snowblowers appearing very soon after you have made your search. It is almost creepy if it weren’t so infuriating. It is a total invasion of your privacy. No one should be allowed to watch what you do on the computer, let alone record it and sell/give to others for commercial use.

Fight back.

One way to fight back is to use ad block extensions which are available for Microsoft Edge and also for Google Chrome. Find the extension in the store which applies to your browser and install it to block all those nuisance ads.

The second way to fight back it to block Google Chrome from reading what you search in your browser. You will again need to download and install an extension called “DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials.” Next, you will have to go into Chrome SETTINGS/ADVANCED and change the default search engine to DuckDuckGo. [ The process is very similar in Windows (Microsoft)] Once that is done, forget about it. DuckDuckGo will permit you to search to your heart’s delight but they will not be tracking or logging your searches. They respect your privacy.

A third way to fight back is to get ad block directly from the creators. Click on

If you need help with this and you use Windows 10, send an email to


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