CORONAVIRUS: COVA – chart comparing plagues throughout history

The COVID-19 virus is not the worst plague in history and we do not want to sensationalize aspects of the virus as some newscasts seem to be doing. It is a very serious epidemic which is being researched and explored likely in every medical lab in the world.

The chart here may help relieve some of the anxiety people are feeling because of  some of the sensationalist news broadcasts. The COVID virus is not the worst in history but it is the most novel. Known treatments and solutions need innovatively new ones.

There are positive facets to consider: labs across the world are working on solutions to dealing with the virus. This virus changes itself, mutates, as if in a Hollywood script, so finding a solution or treatment is like holding sand in ones fingers. It will take time and we will find a solution.

Know a few things: 
1. at this time this virus is not the worst the world has experienced;
2. the best researchers in the world on working on it 24/7;
3. ISOLATION, HAND WASHING and SOCIAL DISTANCING are currently our best weapons and they seem to be effective and successful in stopping the spread.

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