COVA: Fake news?

First and foremost, we are not trying to scaremonger, raise anxiety levels or instil fear in anyone. We are directing people to information which may be food for thought.

We are not in any way suggesting COVID-19 is a hoax, nor that it may a government/bank industry conspiracy. 

UK Dr. Vernon Coleman suggests the possibility of a hoax
Dr. Vernon Coleman, a physician in the UK, offers a very interesting perspective on the possibilities that we are being manipulated by powers behind the scenes.

Again we underline that we do not mean to raise fears and anxieties but Dr. Coleman is worth hearing if only to give one a broader view of the kinds of conspiracies that may exist, or may not.

Click the link below to hear Dr. Coleman describe his fears that there may be a conspiracy behind the COVID-19 pandemic:


For some background information regarding Dr. Coleman, click:


Dr. Coleman’s website.
Every means possible has been tried to get permission from Dr. Coleman to publish the information posted here. We have been unsuccessful but will continue this pursuit. Otherwise, we publically inform all visitors this material belongs to and was created by Dr. Vernon Coleman to whom we give full and unequivocal credit.

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