CREDIT CARD use with your iPad

Your iPad needs a credit card in order for you to be able to access the APPLE STORE.

Apps are little programs which allow you to carry out some actions on your iPad easily. These programs are obtained through the APPLE STORE which requires you to have a credit card on record with APPLE for your account, even if you want FREE apps.

Security abuse or misuse
Having a credit card with APPLE STORE is relatively safe. APPLE does not and will never charge your account without your specific authorization. They wouldn’t, given the millions of clients who would react if such a violation were ever done. So your card is safe. You will never be mischarged for anything done in the APPLE STORE. However, be careful that you do not download a priced program. APPLE clearly labels programs that cost money. So you should never accidentally download a priced product.

Additionally, if you do purchase a priced product, APPLE maintains a history of your purchases. You will not be able to repeat or duplicate that purchase accidentally or because you forgot you bought it before. APPLE tracks that information for you.

Getting a card on your account
1. SETTINGS MENU, your account
Set up a credit card via the SETTINGS MENU and your account there.


ph: 1 800 692 7753
( 1 800 MY APPLE )

A staff person will assist you. Have your credit card at hand.


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