From NAKINA...: Damaged ‘bird’ finger, regretting sale of firearm….

And she just sat in her car texting….

We’d Been Here….
at Harris Place in The Telephone City for two months and two days before yours truly had my first tumble/fall….last Monday whilst going into the TD Bank at the Zehr’s plaza….to deposit a cheque that read $20.50. My last fall was in late Sept on loading day in Nakina, so as always, I was off to the TH McKillip Clinic to have Nurse Pauline patch me up. However, these days the Nakina Clinic is three days north of here. Not sure if my bifocals are to blame, misjudging the height of the cement curb, poor balance, clumsiness, or all of them….anyway, I went down hard for a four-point landing….left knee, left elbow, right index finger and my left hand and ‘bird flipping’ finger, once again saving my pumpkin from any damage. I managed to upright myself and get to my feet, immediately noticing the flow of blood coming from my ‘bird flipper’! I took myself off ‘blood thinner’ meds several years ago after deciding I didn’t want to be ‘taken out’ by a black fly bite, but here I was, bleeding like a stuck pig!! By the bye, I fell right in front of a woman sitting in her expensive car….obviously texting….and there she stayed, apparently not wanting to get involved. Or get blood on her. No matter as Mark the Financial Advisor had seen me go down from inside and was there in a flash, helping to steady me on my feet. I reached in my back pocket for my hanky (which became drenched in no tyme) while he guided me inside, and behind the counter right into the lunchroom….trailing blood all the way. The lunchroom became the E/R as one of the ladies brought the first aid kit, donned plastic gloves, then along with Mark’s help applied the bandages. I was good to go, so he thoughtfully took me to a vacant counter and we got my $20.50 cheque (which didn’t avoid the bleeding either) deposited as well. Nurse Jo Ann has taken over the bandage changing since and methinks today (Sunday) may be the last one needed! Still some tender areas (esp. the left hand and ‘bird flipper’) but Rotzy shall rise to fall again….in fact you can bet on it. I took a Thank You card with a couple boxes of Merci*tm Chocolates (cool idea eh? Thank You and Merci?) in for Mark and the E/R ladies next day, yet I’m concerned about the ‘texting lady’ in the parking lot. I do hope her ‘back and forths’ worked out well for her….and that if she slips and falls on some ice this winter, somebody will help her out!

Readers Write
All the tyme. And this week in particular, we have had an absolute deluge of inbounds. Especially since Paul The Computer Repair Man has my ASUS *tm machine running like a top once more! He lives up on the 6th floor and was recommended to us by a neighbour down the hall. Paul cleaned up a BIG mess and told me how to help prevent the same s–t happening again…altho Rotzy is betting I WILL screw up just as sure as bears s–t in the bush….one of the things he recommended was shutting it down every night, which I’m doing pretty good at, tho I’m not sure about moving stuff (en masse) from Deleted to Gone For Good, but I’m trying to do better, I really am! But back to the inbound emails….I’m not using these to fill space rather than ‘composing something of my own’….make no mistake about it, I’m using this material because “READERS WRITE”. So….SO….the following is a collection of some of the better ones that landed on my “F/N” desk last week. Such as….

*I finally got eight hours sleep. Took me four days, but whatever.

*From a newscast….”this just in….The world is almost out of common sense”.

*Is everything that expensive or am I just poor?

*Don’t laugh and/or make fun of kids that believe in Santa. It appears we still have adults who actually believe in Justin Trudeau! HO! HO! HO! Ouch!
*note….I rec’d the identical one that instead of pointing at J.T. Dougie Ford was the target, so take your pick/make your choice.

*Sometymes my mind wanders off to a happy place where I’m allowed to punch people in the throat. And there are puppies and free cake.

*Get young as late as possible. That line is so simple but says a lot, is attributed to the late George W H Bush and was used in his son’s eulogy at the Washington service prior to his Dad’s burial at College Station, Texas.

More Readers Write
The following is a collection of words/phrases which….if you’re of a certain age, as in currently getting OAS and beyond….you will recall from another day/another tyme. A better one as far as Rotzy’s concerned, but that’s just this olde guy’s outdated opinion.

Here they are:
* Heavens to Betsy! Gee Willikers! Jumping Jehosephat! Holey Moley! Fiddlesticks! Going like sixty! See you in the funny papers! Well, Miz. Jo  and I would surely say “Weren’t they swell”? “Swell’!!?? How long since anything has been ‘swell’??!! Heavens to Murgatroyd!!

If We Were Still In Nakina….
….at this tyme in December I’d be well into my annual ‘Red Rat Mode’, and trying to ‘reduce’ the number of red squirrels who were constantly stealing the sunflower seeds, etc. we put out for our feathered friends that we listed for the Bird Studies Canada Feederwatch program. By means of the pellet rifle. Well, of course, there are no red rats living down Brantford way, replaced by black and grey squirrels….even white ones down Essex way….and they are HUGE compared to their northern cousins. Actually, I was having a puff out in Norm The Truck one afternoon last week beside the fence and several (now leafless) Manitoba maples as the sun was setting in the west. Suddenly the sun was blocked out, and as I looked up I spotted this large thing waddling along the top of the fence, looking more like a damned groundhog than a squirrel. It then occured to me my pellet rifle wouldn’t likely be enough firepower to take that guy out….at the same tyme remembering we don’t have a bird feeder anymore. Probably just as well….with as many as 500 people living within our one square city block area, I rather doubt they’d appreciate some olde guy firing away at grey and/or black rats. Anyway, I sold the rifle at our Moving Sale.

*Thought Of The Day…Dear friends….your Christmas gift this year is…… That’s right, another year of friendship. Your membership has been renewed.

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