From NAKINA...: Dec. 17 – Dog’s world, On smoking

Readers Write
We got another lode of Inbound emails from the readership this week and this one could be filed under ‘words of wisdom’ or maybe just ‘common sense’. Check ’em out: *Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend never owned a dog. * Learn a lesson from your dog….no matter what life brings you, kick some grass over that s–t and move on.(*see ‘Thanks’ below) *Putting your phone away and paying attention to those talking to you? There’s an ‘App’ for that….it’s called ‘RESPECT‘. Imagine.

to those who have asked how yours truly is progressing since my fall at the TD Bank a couple weeks back. Well, I’m doing good. We’re past Nurse Jo Ann having to change bandages, and my paws are coming along…tho I’ve somewhat had to adapt/change my ‘typing style’. Hey, I never was/will be a 75 WPM guy, but for now I’m not only brutally slow, I’m hitting keys I shouldn’t hit….in fact, ten minutes ago I hit something that knocked a 1/2 finished column somewhere into oblivion. So, I ‘lost it’…the column and my temper….the olde guy was/is not a happy camper, hence this is ‘re-write #1.(*oh well, see ‘Readers Write’ above) By the bye, I had a (unrelated) appointment with my doctor last week, he checked my left hand and declared ‘no broken bones’. Also, I was back at TD doing some banking last week, and took the same route in and out without incident! Bingo.

Mondo Cane-It’s A Dog’s World….
here at 555 Harris Place, as I had already alluded to in this space….the large percentage of which are small/tiny varieties….aka ‘ankle biters’. But that’s OK, and it seems that all of them are quite friendly whenever I encounter one or two on the elevator or down front. And Rotzy is able to get my ‘daily dog fix’, a thing/habit I started shortly after we buried Edna The Chowhead Dog up in Nakina several years ago, in spite of being a ‘big dog person’. But alas, all is not necessarily well with the little balls of fur. There are a pair of ‘Yorkies’ across the hall and one door down from #303 who bark/yap ALL DAY LONG at everything/anything/nothing!!! Tho I have never seen them, I’ve named them Yappy and Yappier. Seems like their owners/keepers are seldom home, and I’m betting the pair must be stressed right out. Whatever. Anyway, the GOOD news is that they’re moving! They were loading the U-Haul yesterday (Sat), but either they’re not finished loading or they forgot the damned dogs as the yapping continues this ayem!! Bottom line is that Y & Y will be gone sooner than later and we’ll not miss them at all. Yap! Yap! Yap!

We All Know….
that smoking near children is a no-no. But there was a lady doctor on Dr. Phil last week who took it one step further. Apparently if a new mother (or father) is a smoker of cigarettes, even if she (he) has NEVER exposed their child to second-hand smoke, indeed even if the child has never even seen the mother (or father) smoke a cigarette, Mom (and Dad) might seriously want to think twice before hugging/snuggling/kissing/whispering to their little bundle of joy. In other words, keep your distance. I guess that holds true for Grandpa and Grandma, other relatives, as well as friends. Why? you ask. Well apparently ‘smoke vapours’ MAY collect in a smoker’s throat (lungs?) and may be harmful to your child if he/she was breathed upon. HELLO?! Well, “From Nakina” doesn’t want any trouble with the Canadian Cancer Society….or Dr Phil for that matter….but isn’t this maybe taking things just a little bit too far?

‘Tis The Season….
….as the saying goes, and Miz. Jo and Rotzy have certainly been doing our best to be part of it. Jo Ann has mailed out all the Xmas cards; we’ve pretty much done our shoppping….for each other, family, as well as friends; I’m getting set to do up batch #5….or is it 6?….of home made Nuts And Bolts (Cheerios, Shreddied, peanuts, pretzel sticks etc., etc) today, using my Mom’s recipe, which surely has been around as long as I have!; we went to a long-tyme friend’s wonderful open house Sunday, the 41st annual, altho because of our previous geographic location(s) it was our first tyme and the hosts set out an incredible spread! sharing it with a lot of old friends as well as making some new ones; a couple folks have stopped by Unit #303, we’re expecting some family this week, on Boxing Day, then visiting others on the 28th; plenty happening here at Harris Place….we’ve been going to Thursday Xmas Movie Night for a couple weeks, and I’m already looking forward to this week, a double-header with the first film starting at 5:00 (including pizza), then the 1951 Alastair Sim version of  Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is showing at 7:00PM! (including popcorn) and yours truly knows virtually all the lines off by heart, having watched all or part of it every year since its’ TV debut; Saturday nite was the 3rd annual Xmas Pot Luck Dinner, which has become so popular it required two sittings! Skyview (the owner) supplies the roast beef and turkey and we do the rest….I’m sure there was enough food to feed the British 8th Army, and it was all excellent. Of course Rotzy ate too much….shouldna gone for the bread pudding dessert, but I did….and Miz. Jo’s ‘dressing balls’ went over very well; there are two large barrels sitting in the front lobby for the Local Food Bank which are already being filled for the second tyme, so I grab something extra at Zehr’s daily, then drop a toonie in the Sally Anne kettle on the way out, for which I receive an odd-shaped candy cane. Hey, it’s always nice to help out those who otherwise might not have a Christmas, right? Anyway, I’m not sure what the printing schedule is for next week’s Times-Star, so Miz. Jo and I hope that YOUR Christmas is everything you wish and hope for it to be….and we wish you and yours A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy And Healthy New Year!!!

*Thought Of The Day….”God bless us everyone”. (Tiny Tim, A Christmas Carol)

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