Dec 2 – Fraudsters and thieves everywhere

Even the great Rotzy can get taken . . .

I was planning on naming the winner of the Lyric Of The Week Contest, but ‘I ran into a bit of a hurdle’ so to speak. I had mentioned the judges (both of them) were sequestered/holed up somewhere to decide who gets 1st place and the trip to Hawaii. However, they’re not there, in fact, they’re not anywhere….disappeared last Wed ayem into thin air it would seem, along with the $200 “From Nakina” paid them (up front) to do the selection job. Lovely! Well, Rotzy was rather upset about doing the advance payment, then Miz. Jo said in a calm voice, ”could WE do the judging”? I thought for a couple seconds and replied ‘Bingo”….or something like that. No problem….what’s $200 bucks? Well, at 2:55 PM EST another ‘hurdle’ landed here at “F/N”HQ….an email from Sandals 5-Star Resort And Spa in Honolulu!! That’s the place we chose (and booked) for the prize. ‘Voted as one of  Hawaii’s Top Ten Resorts’, so we got a package for two, ‘all-inclusive’, for 6 nights and 7 days….a ”great deal” they said) at $5995.99…..we got the flight tickets through another agent….$4998.99….also a “great deal”. Anyway, Sandals email read as such….”Just to advise you, your winners of the LOTW Contest have safely arrived, are unloaded/unpacked in their Suite. As per request, we cracked a magnum of 2003 Dom Perrignon on their arrival, which was empty within 5 minutes! They (a Mr and Mrs Smith from Toronto) are currently enjoying the sunshine and ocean view near the pool with a 82F temperature, while their waiter searches our wine cellar for a bottle of Cote Du Rhone Chardonnay….1985. (*they have been here in the Shark’s Tooth Lounge for less than ten minutes, and already rung up a bar bill of $752.83 (US) and it may be prudent to advise them the ‘all-inclusive package’ does NOT cover certain items. I’m certain they will understand….and….”thank you for choosing Sandals”!! Ahhhhh Rats!! I know not who ‘The Smiths’ are, nor how they pulled this off, and then Hawaii State Police replied ‘nothing is amiss’. Hence, “From Nakina” is in red ink for over $10G’s….plus the $200 advance for ‘Smitty and his missus’. Well, yours truly will try to get my s–t together by next week, perhaps Jo Ann and I can pick a winner and at least name the song. (*note….”That’s my story and I’m sticking to it”.)

Did You Know….
….that last Tuesday was National Juke Box Day??!! Me either. But then Paul Lang, the new Early Morning Man at 92.9 The Grand while doing his daily rundown/monologue (just before Yvonne Van De Weile comes on with the 6:00AM News) and Langer comes out with the Juke Box thing. Now, I have no idea WHO came up with what will be celebrated, but I’ve found there appear to be few, if any, rules /boundaries as to the selection, and there are days with 2 or 3 selections to celebrate. Last Friday was National Cake Day so the fat guy got a nice McCain Marble Cake w/ Cookie Crumbs on top….of course I needed 2L of Chapman’s French Vanilla to go with it. MMMmm! Also, it’s obvious that these ‘National ——- Day’ selections are taken seriously, such as the recent National Toilet Day, when the City Of Hamilton erected a 20-foot high air filled/blow up loo….right downtown in Gage Park as I recall. Anyway, Rotzy is now used to waiting to see what gets ‘honoured’ today?! However, a problem….minor in its nature….has arisen because Langer (like all Early Morning Men) doesn’t work weekends. That means Saturdays and Sundays draw blanks….unless some of the readership knows of ‘another source/person’ that divulges the info. Lemme know, OK? Merci.

Tweeking, Texting And Twits….
I had to take Norm The Truck back to my new favourite Brant’s Ford Mechanic a couple weeks ago to have his nuts ‘re-torqued’, following some major repair work. It’s on West St,  just a couple/few minutes south of #555 Harris Place, and they have a very nice reception area, a definitely upscale help-your-self coffee nook, a waiting area with a Big screen TV, as well as 8 or 10 comfy-looking leather upholstered chairs. All but one or two of them occupied, I’m betting by people who were having their snow tires installed….young people, a middle-aged couple, and a few oldsters, like yours truly. Interestingly, not a ONE of them looked up, or even dared to take their eyes off whatever it was they were writing/reading….not for a split second. The ONE fellow who was not ‘occupied’ was an Indian man, likely well into his 70’s, like yours truly. He saw me glancing around the room (likely looking somewhat bewildered), rolled his eyes and smiled. Message received. Just then the mechanic guy came in and told me Norm’s ‘nuts were tight’, so I thanked him and said ‘have a good day’. The Twits still staring at their laps(*see below).

Then Last Monday….
….dont-cha know the same damn thing happened again….this tyme at JIFFYlube*tm….my new favourite oil change place in Brant’s Ford….minus a couple less chairs and not as many Twits. Also, this tyme two of them did quickly look at me as I wandered around looking at paintings on the walls….yet the way in which I was regarded, I had to find some mirrored glass to be sure I didn’t have s–t on the end of my nose. Or perhaps because I wasn’t a Twit?! Hey, the staff there is great….A-1….friendly, but…….. well, all this work on Norm coulda/woulda been done at Tap’s Nakina Service Centre if we still lived in the bush. And I’d shoot the breeze with Tap and anybody else who came in. But I live in the big city now….guess I’d best ride with the tymes, huh? When in Rome….eh? That having been said, I will NOT become a Twit!

T.O.T.D… It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up. (Vince Lombardi)

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