Dec 21 – On the treadmill of stress and anxiety….huff huff huff

Covid stress is getting to us all. We rant, we whine, we gripe, we wine. It’s becoming a treadmill and we are all stuck on it. Rotzy’s one of the treadmillers as you will see with his latest post. He too is fed up with COVID and makes a couple of suggestions for others who want to get out of this rut, get out to some extent though we cannot get out completely just yet. Another few months though….


Readers Write
    We’ve had a fair bit of response to a couple items I’ve written in the past week or three about CARP….the Canadian Association of Retired People….and their non-stop attack on Doug Ford (via radio ads) that insist he fire his Minister of Health and the Min of Long Term Care for their ‘poor performance’ regarding COVID. A number of the “F/N readership seem to share the same feelings as Allan (not his real name) who refers to CARP as a ‘bunch of old farts’, altho he’s no spring chicken himself, and like Rotzy, he is now in the habit of switching stations (*see below) soon as he hears the Head CARP launch into his ridiculous spiel. Moses Znaimer owns (amongst other things) Zoomer Radio 740AM and is seriously in bed with CARP. So….SO….his daughter Libby (amongst other things) hosts 740’s ‘Fight Back’, a daily fone-in show at noon, usually with a panel of experts fielding calls, yours truly being a fairly regular listener. Anyway, last Friday a man called to voice his opinion of how very misleading/terribly wrong CAP’s efforts to have Ford replace the two ministers are, whilst Libby clung pecariously to her (and her daddy’s) stance against the Premier and his team-mates. Well, the hostess found out very quickly that the olde fellow on the other end of the line wasn’t  just ‘some olde fart’, to be honest, like many/most of ‘Fight Back’ callers are….if you get my drift. This one had all the facts, figures, numbers, dollars, and cetera….he rolled them out one after another, tho they seemed to fall upon deaf ears, but that was just Libby’s defence mechanism kicking in. Well, if she was becoming a tad abrasive in her ‘rebuff attempt’….and she WAS….he was a well-mannered/class act in dealing with her. As to their ‘differences of opinion’, it says here ”he ate her up and spit her out’. But, very politely, mind you! By the bye, the next day Libby was right back on the CARP side of things, like the rest of the Zoomer crew.

”Going RED On Monday”….
….is about all I picked up from the newscast on 92.9 FM (*see above) as I was departing Norm The Truck at 7:10 AM this morning….Sat Dec 19. So, putting 2 and 2 together….with the help of Miz. Jo….I we now know that Brant’s Ford….indeed ALL of Brant County….is going from Orange to Red on the COVID-19 Map/Chart as at 12:01 Mon AM, meaning just about the same ‘restrictions’ are gonna be in place then as we had in the Spring. Like….”Simon Says ”take one Giant Step….BACKWARDS!!! Well, Rotzy said “Oh darn”. Or something like that. Well I’ve heard some neighbours here at 555 Harris Place (and others around town) making noises about being ‘forced’ into the RED zone. They’re saying that we here in Brant have been/are being good boys and girls, but the bad people from The GTA/Hamilton/Peel (who were already RED) have been/are coming here to ‘take advantage’ of us and our Orange freedoms. Well, thanks a lot you bad people! You are the heck of me! Then again, yours truly tends to look at the overall picture in determining EVERYBODY’S numbers, and the reason for the GTA/etc to be SO much worse than Brant and the outlying areas is simple. Population! They have approximately 7 tymes the populous!! Here’s hoping the newly applied restrictions will settle things down. I’m not betting my diddy bag it will, but hey!….I’ve been wrong before.

Last Week’s Ups And Downs
….This one came from Miz. Jo….the V/P and #1 Proofreader here at “From Nakina”….the lady/my best friend with whom I will celebrate 43 years of marriage December 22nd! It goes like this….”If people misunderstand you do not worry….it isn’t your voice that they hear, but what goes through their mind….Their own thoughts.” *This one could be the QOTW (Quote Of The Week) I was on my way back into #555 Harris Place after my first couple puffs and coffee in Norm The Truck about 6:00AM and ran into Mustang Sally (not her real name) from the 7th floor and I said ”Morning….how’s it going”? Without a second of delay she came back with ”Living the Dream”!  Whoa!!! Too cool….SO nonchalant, it nearly floored me. I mean, it’s 6:00AM and she’s pulling a 2-wheel cart with boxes of files and a cooler on it! Anyway, I said (to myself) “Well Toad, ‘Living the Dream’, eh? Do you think she was serious”? ”Umm, maybe…with later hours”. * Another reader sent this ‘lesson’ along….”Been there done that. Then been there done that seven more tymes because apparently I never learn.

Joy To The World
Are you kidding me? This world needs more than ‘joy’….this world is broken. It’s broken like never before and about one year into this COVID-19 pandemic it seems nobody knows how to fix it….other than some glue and a few patches here and there. But what the heck, perhaps we could/can try some ‘joy’….you think? Starting with Issac Watts, the Englishman who wrote the original Joy To The World carol in 1719. That version was sung and recorded by everyone….Johnny Mathis, Mahalia Jackson, Elvis, even Little Richard in 1971, in Richard’s ‘born again’ days when he ‘came out of the closet’ wearing the clothes of a preacher man. So….SO….if Joy To The World can’t get the Earth back on its’ axis, they/we can try Ode To Joy, Ludwig Van Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, which he composed in 1785. Whatever. Rotzy has always seen/heard music as an answer to a lot of our problems. Sorry. Not with this COVID stuff and we already KNOW that Xmas 2020 is going to be like something we’ve never seen before, and won’t/don’t wanna see again. We’ve been ordered NOT to have ‘family gatherings’….some won’t, many will. Your choice. Expect some crazy numbers on the daily tally sheets in mid-January. Whatever. So….SO….from Miz. Jo and yours truly here at “From Nakina”HQ here’s wishing you and yours all the best for the season…and that Christmas is all that you hope it to be. Stay safe, stay healthy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

*Thought Of The Day….If if’s and but’s were candy and nuts, what a Merry Christmas we’d all have! (Dandy Don Meredith….on Monday Night Football)

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