From NAKINA...: Dec. 3

After a little bump in the road at the local Canadian Tire, Rotzy slides into the Christmas mood.

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot….
like Christmas(*see below)… the well worn seasonal tune goes, and I’ve been hearing it a dozen or more tymes a day by a dozen or more different singers since what seems like the day after Remembrance Day! Well it may be looking Christmassy up in Nakina, where “From Nakina” just learned there was GREAT turnout for their third annual ‘Parade of Lites’….or is it ‘Lights’? Even El Taquita The Mouse showed up to ‘help keep spirits bright’!  It sounds like it’s become the ‘wintertyme equivalent’ of Canada Day in Nakina! A tip of the Santa hat to Louise and all involved!! But down here at 555 Park Road North….aka Harris Place….in Brantford, it’s nowhere near ‘Christmassy’….there is no snow at all, bad stuff if you’re in the snow plowing business….save for what little remains of two piles down front, left from the 4-inch dump we had two weeks back, and the grass is green as….well….grass. In fact, the lawn and garden guys were still working here last week! So….SO….today’s weather calls for ‘scattered showers and 11C’. That’s PLUS 11C!! On the 2nd of December! for gosh sakes. Hard to tell how many locals want it to stay as is….and/or who is wanting winter. But, with 80% of Harris Place residents being ‘seniors’ I rather doubt many/any of them are chomping at the bit to get the snowshoes out and ‘hit the trails’, which up to a couple years ago was Miz. Jo’s favourite winter activity. Anyway, stay tuned….I’m sure it’ll change.

Back In September….
our 30-yr old artificial tree….Jo Ann and I always called it ‘the ugliest tree ever’ (until it was decorated) was deposited in the Nakina Dump, as part of ‘The Big Purge’, and just prior to our ‘We’re Moving Sale’, and telling each other ”we won’t bother with a tree anymore when we get to Brantford”. Two weeks ago, a Canadian Tire pamphlet arrived, for their big Black Friday Sale….starting on Thursday….and on the front page two items caught yours truly’s eye. Men’s winter coats at $39.99….and 6 1/2 ft Xmas Trees for $69.99. Well, Rotzy pulled into the vast CTC parking lot about 10:20 AM and went into their gigantic store. (*note….I was much more comfortable at the Nipigon CTC! ‘the smallest in Canada’) The olde guy got directions immediately to the two items, about half a mile to each of them, in different directions, hence I headed to find the coats, and on arrival I find a dozen or more men with the same thought in mind. It was total chaos! Crazy!!Damn….no L’s or X/L’s left on the rack and I was certain the fat guy who grabbed the last one, then started bragging about it! was about to be ‘mobbed’. I said (to myself) “Hey Toad, you don’t want no part of this s–t….get your ass over to the Tree Dept”! So, I did….and a 1/2 or 3/4 mile later, I had made it. I had taken the pamphlet with me and started looking for the $69.99…6 1/2 ft Noma ‘Kawartha’ Model. There were 5000 Xmas Trees there…. maybe more…. most of them neatly boxed w/ plastic carrying handles….so, I started singing a few carols and got to the task at hand, yet after ten minutes of searching, I’m NOT finding the one I want. Finally, worn out, tired, sweating like crazy, and all run outta Xmas songs I was ready to call it quits…then Bingo!!…. over against the back wall…. there they were, I’m guessing 200 of them or more! Off to the cashier(s)….at the other end of the store, a mile in the other direction…. where I ‘fell in’ with dozens and dozens of other shoppers, all of them worn out, tired, sweating like crazy, and none of them (that I actually saw) were in a very ‘Christmassy mood’. Whilst in line, a young employee who was helping the guy behind me out with some huge treadmill he’d just bought smiled at us and said ”It’ll be worse in here tomorrow”. I said, “Sorry guy, but you’re gonna have to get through it without me”. Actually, Rotzy will not likely go there again. Ho! Ho! Ho!

It’s Christmas Tyme….
in the city…. hence in keeping with the spirit, our new tree went up last week, and if you look up at Unit #303, now known as The Rotz Nest and the sign on the door is also decorated, you’ll see its lights sparkling in the window/sliding doors!! So….SO….on ‘tree day’ I had brought up the two boxes of decorations which came south with us…. for the tree and the living room, etc. We didn’t need lights as our new tree came with 200 of them already installed…then dont’cha know, all of a sudden ”It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas”!! (*see above) Ho! Ho! Ho!

*Thought Of The Day…If ‘if’s’ and ‘but’s’ were candy and nuts, what a Merry Christmas we’d all have! (an annual Xmas thing, courtesy of Dandy Don Meredith)

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