From NAKINA...: Dec. 31 Nostalgia, Xmas party

Rotzy is beginning to wax nostalgic for the old days…

days of more dancing, fewer restrictions, and much more free laughter.

He may have a point!

Rules, Rules, Rules….
everywhere here at 555 Harris Place….and when you have close to 300 people living under one roof….not to mention the two ‘sister buildings’ here as well….and I suppose they are necessary to maintain a certain lifestyle folks come to expect within the numerous ‘Skyline Living’ facilities. I suppose most of those rules even make sense, however, Rotzy….tho I’ve never seen myself as a James Dean rebel without a cause-type guy, I’ve been known to sometymes ‘bend a rule’ here and there, if I think it needs some alterations. Anyway, I had taken a container of my home made Nuts and Bolts and filled a plate for all to enjoy at the last two Xmas Movie Nites….and they did, drawing big tyme raves and compliments! Then, in keeping with the season, on the eve of Dec 23rd I set out another plate on a nicely decorated table just inside the entrance on the ground floor and it was pretty well cleaned off by noon on the 24th, so I went up to #303 to get more and a new Xmassy paper plate….to make sure Santa got a couple handfuls. I was ‘confronted’ by one of the staff (they had also got a container full) as I got off the elevator and told (quite politely) there was a ‘public health/safety issue’ at risk by setting out my Nuts and Bolts! (*the candy canes that were already there were OK because they were individually wrapped) I told her I was putting them there ‘for Santa’…to which she replied ”Sorry”. I decided NOT to mention the fact that she and the staffers ate theirs, apparently with no after-effects, nor had I heard of any communicable diseases making the rounds in the seniors’ circle after Movie Nites, so I kept mum on that too. I DID make her clearly aware that it was NOT my fault if Jolly Olde St Nick left a lump of coal for her, me, and perhaps all of the oldsters here at 555 PRN….but she seemed to think I was ‘overstating my case’. Well, as it turned out I/we managed to avoid the coal….but yours truly thinks it’s a dumb rule and not needed. Maybe I’ll try to bend it just a tad, you think? I still have plenty of Nuts and Bolts left, but I can’t use them again for obvious reasons….almost everybody’s had Rotzy’s now famous Xmas munchies….but I’ll come up with something good! Stay tuned.

Readers Write
And this one was/is not one to mince words, saying it just as it is to be sure! Check it out: ”Stop explaining yourself and telling people everything. You owe no one an explanation of what you do. Your life is yours, not theirs.” Bingo! The “F/N” readership usually says it like it is!

I’m Dreaming….
Of A White Christmas has (mercifully) gone back into the Christmas Music Archives for another year, and the ‘Dream’ was exactly that down here in the banana belt, but those folks who were disappointed on Dec 25th and DO want snow, might now be Dreaming Of A White New Year….but yours truly wouldn’t bet on it, in spite of awakening today (Sunday) to a white covering on the lawns, vehicles, etc….albeit no more than 1/2 an inch, which rather pales in comparison to what they got in Nakina/Greenstone area….about a ten inch dump of it along with temperatures of -20C and colder, about the same tyme Brantford had +13C with a sun and cloud mix. I know not what to make of this, but I had zero feelings of guilt at NOT having to clear the deck and/or the sidewalk at 153 Hwy #584. Nothing. Actually we left all our shovels up there for the new owners, but I went out and bought a new one down here at Home Hardware in early Oct (which I keep in Norm The Truck) because a man shouldn’t be without a shovel, right? Hey….the day is coming, and the olde guy will show folks how a ‘northerner moves snow’. Yes indeed….if I can remember.

Auld Lang Syne just ain’t the same no more !

RCA Victor’s ‘Nipper”


New Year’s Eve
I’m having some difficulty recalling the last tyme Miz. Jo and I ‘went out cutting the rug/dancing’ on Dec 31/Jan 1 in Nakina but I reckon it was before 2010. We moved up there in 2000 and for the first 5 or so years New Year’s Eve was THE big dance of the year….always a full house at the Rec Centre, regardless of which club/organization was hosting it, in particular, the year that 2000 became 2001 and Nakina became Greenstone….free wine and drink….such a night! (to quote Dr. John). I don’t know what happened over the next decade, but fewer people were going dancing….the last one I recall was a fund-raiser for Nakina P.S. maybe in 2006/07 and maybe 20 showed up. I don’t know if anything is planned for this year or not? Maybe something at The Legion. Well, there’s something happening here at Harris Place!!….a ‘gathering of sorts’, perhaps a couple dozen of us oldsters in the Algonquin Room. We just were told about it yesterday, and soon as Chinese Food was mentioned, you can colour me there. Starting at 5:30, or soon as the drivers get back with the food because old people eat early! Then apparently someone’s bringing a ‘boom-box’…..for dancing and/or singing, always BYOB….and we found out ‘it must be done ‘discreetly'(*see above)….until about 10:30 or 11:00?? I rather doubt I will see The Ball Drop back in Unit #303…no matter, Dick Clarke’s gone, and NOBODY plays Guy Lombardo anymore! And I don’t care a s–t for or about Ryan Seacrest….besides I’ll have a belly full of egg rolls, fried rice, sweet and sour ribs, breaded shrimp, along with a few MT tall boy cans, which I will ”discreetly’ file in the garbage. Hey, it should be a funn nite….we found out at the Xmas Dinner this bunch like to laugh and have funn. By the tyme this edition is on sale, it’ll be 2019! Jo Ann and I wish all of the readership ‘Health and Happiness for the New Year’!!!

*Thought Of The Day…2018: The year everybody was offended by everything. Can we make 2019 the year everybody grows the hell up?

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