JUST MY OPINION...: Decisions, decisions, decisions!

 My opinion, strictly speaking…

Making an informed decisions in this provincial election is complicated by candidates who muddle campaign speeches with platitudes, diatribes and irrelevancies.

How is a voter to make an informed decision?

My opinion, strictly speaking…

Decisions! Decisions!

The provincial election is looming large and there is nothing more rewarding than being an informed voter. It is so important to get the facts, to listen to opinions, and to read the latest, up-to-date activities and speeches of the leaders of the provincial parties. It is so much more viable to be aware of the platforms created by each candidate than to not vote at all or to vote for anyone but… which really amounts to, not voting at all.

Getting the facts
On the journey of trying to get educated for this election, I spent many hours perusing the latest news, googling facts and listening to speeches.

For example, an article I read in Zoomer Magazine, a focus mostly on senior issues, clearly illustrated where the parties are heading. Each party leader was asked to share its vision through a series of questions. They were asked 4 questions regarding: homelessness among seniors, the high cost of hydro, safety in long-term facilities, and pension security. The Liberal and NDP leaders clarified their platforms by expanding on them through explanations of their policies. They were more clearly focused on their vision for the people of the province. In contrast, in three out of the four questions, the conservative leader first attacked the other leaders, then their policies and only after that did he offer two sentences to answer the questions. This strategy and attitude muddles the issues and divides people instead of uniting them. By the end of the article, I was more acquainted with the liberal and NDP platforms but was less clear with what the conservatives had to offer. There was no clear agenda, no clear direction and no address of the content of the questions. We are promised though, that once elected, we will be aware of the policies and the agenda of the conservative party. Might be a little too late to make an informed decision by then.

Another example of what I mean about how this election needs more clarification happened at a conservative rally in Niagara Falls. As the speech was progressing to a round of rousing applause, several people, at the back of the room shouted out; “Lock her up!!!”  The leader paused, chuckled and continued on with his speech. The body language said it all! It spoke volumes! It wasn’t until 24 hours later, at a news conference, when he was asked about it he stated he does not condone such behaviour. Too late! It’s after the fact! People heard it and people internalized it!

A video of “Fordspeak”

Ford misdirects as well as Wynne or Horwath.

So, we, the voters must inform ourselves not just on policy but also on the suitability and the character of individual leaders because that does affect policy, decision making and sets the tone for the next 4 years. Let us exercise our right and vote on June 7th.

My opinion, strictly speaking.

Éva Henn

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