eMAIL: Email unto others as you would have them email you

Moses had rules about emailing.
Here they are…

Emails are a developed communications skill. They should be managed properly, treating recipients with the same respect and consideration you would want for yourself.

Here the ten commandments of proper emailing.

  1. Always acknowledge
    You should acknowledge every email, even as simply saying “Thank you for your message.”
  2. Address the email with care
    Consider who should see the message and who should not. Sometimes multiple recipients without consideration of their interplay between them can cause you problems eventually. Use the BCC feature to avoid problems that an openly addressed group in the CC feature might cause.
  3. Clean forwarded messages
    If you are forwarding a message, remove all traces of other recipients’ addresses before you forward. Privacy is crucial for everyone.
  4. Upper case text is shouting
    Highlighting text to emphasize a message is considered rude. You are shouting. Instead, use the softer approach, italics or underlining.
  5. Close properly
    A simple closure of your name is acceptable but it’s sooo impersonal. Show your recipient you care. Close with a “Sincerely,” or some other sign-off such as “Thank you,” “Best,” “With appreciation,” or “With acknowledgement.”
  6. RSVP, LMAO, LOL,…
    What? Using acronyms may feel cool but not everyone understands them. In this age of speedy communication, messaging acronyms change as quickly as leaves change colour in the fall. Acronyms cute but confusing…cut them out.
  7. Review, re-read
    Unintentional errors too easily, especially with gesture keyboarding. Worse, autofill may embarrass you when it automatically inserts the wrong word, altering your message. Re-read and review your message before sending. You owe it to yourself to send out ‘your best.’
  8. Edit for brevity and clarity
    It’s wonderful to know you can write lengthy dissertations but who cares? People are inundated. Respect their time. Write sparingly, succinctly and with brevity. Whittle the message to the bare bones being careful that your pruning is just right and your message still retains its full meaning and intent.
  9. PDF please
    Compress your attachments. Use a format which your recipient can read. No point in sending the latest WORD format if your recipient lacks the appropriate application for reading it. When in doubt, PDF it or PNG it if it is an image.
  10. Be nice and smile
    Avoid writing email responses when you are emotionally distraught. Angry messages generate even angrier replies. Sensitivity and care in message writing produce welcomed and reciprocal replies. Communicate with consideration rather than dictating with frustration and anger.

Email by the commandments. Make Moses proud !

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