George Floyd’s tragic and disturbing death has shocked the world and galvanized millions of people to protest anti-Black racism in the United States, across Canada, and around the world. The City of Pickering and its Council stand in solidarity with them.

As one of the most diverse municipalities in our nation, Pickering embodies Canada’s renowned cultural mosaic. However, we have a moral and collective obligation to address the systemic racism that permeates all facets of our society, and the trauma it inflicts upon so many of our racialized residents, particularly in our Black community.

While we take pride in all that we have done to promote diversity, we must take more decisive actions to combat the dark underbelly. Yes, we will continue to celebrate the beauty of our various cultures and what makes us unique, but we will also make a concerted effort to eliminate racism and bigotry in all of their ugly forms.

Not being racist is no longer enough. Being silent on these matters only emboldens those who seek to oppress. Let’s not be the silent majority. Instead, let’s unite our voices and actions against intolerance and injustice.

We must do better. We can do better. And we will look to all of you to help us achieve this overarching goal.

City of Pickering Council

Kevin Ashe, Deputy Mayor, Regional Councillor, Ward 1
Bill McLean, Regional Councillor, Ward 2
David Pickles, Regional Councillor, Ward3
Maurice Brenner, City Councillor, Ward 1
Ian Cumming, City Councillor, Ward 2
Shaheen Butt, City Councillor, Ward 3

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