BROKEN PROMISE, Linwood Barclay

An angel left her a gift on the back porch…

a baby.

Eva reviews…



Linwood Barclay

This mystery-thriller was a most enjoyable piece of fiction, also authored by a more mature, story-telling Linwood Barclay. I approached this novel hesitantly as I read a few mixed reviews on it. I must confess though, I really enjoyed the plot, the mystery, the character development and the denouement.

The story line was centered around an unemployed journalist who moved with his son after his wife passed away back to his hometown and into his parents’ home. While he searched for a new job, he also worked a side job as an investigative journalist, with surprising end results.

He discovered family secrets, community scandals and unexpected healing. The characters were well developed and totally evolved in the thick, unrelenting plot of the story. The reader almost felt the need to assist the journalist, an honest, hard-working man whose devotion to his son was beyond measure. However, events dragged him in another direction. The reader was rooting for his success. The plot’s twists and turns created a most effective and surprising ending.

This novel did not disappoint. I highly recommend it for an easy, enjoyable read.

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